Just when you think you have seen it all, something new hits you in the face!

Humans will marry robots by year 2050!!

Huh??? Robots???

Yes, robots, similar to the one seen in Terminator movies minus the bad accent/acting part! The idea of romance between man/woman and our mechanical creations goes back to ancient times. The Greek myth has a sculptor named Pygmalion falling in love with an ivory statue he made named Galatea, which eventually came to life, had babies with, bought a van and moved to house in the suburbs! 

Of course Robotic love does raise some deep ethical questions that are beyond our 2 dimensional scopes here are Araboosh! However many argue that there will be some major benefits of such a union between human/machine:

Reduce prostitution, reduce sex crime, bring love to those who can not find it. Not to mention some more important benefits such as the robot husband taking out the trash on time and watching sob drama on TV instead of football with his mates!

So it is only a matter of times before you can order your dream love machine from a factory in China!

Here at Araboosh, we promise you that we will keep it 100% human!! Unless the machine is really good looking!

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