Friends claim that I am unfair to Facebook because I have described it as a jungle of weed shared among people with empty lives. Of course  evidence to support my theory has been unscientific at best and based mostly on my occasional visit to FB (yes like every body else that hates Facebook, I have an account there!) 

Now,  that has changed. I can backup my theory,  thanks to a new Web site called Openbook.  is a search engine for Facebook “status alerts“, which allows you to search for a word or phrase used in status alerts by people who might have not intended for the entire world to see it! Openbook allows you to see it without even being on Facebook at all!!

I used openbook to do a quick search on status alerts, and most common ones were “bored”, “LOL”, “sleeping” , “cooking” .. etc. You get the point. If bored then get off facebook and do something more exciting .. like pick your nose! Some of the status alerts used by people are just … (insert your own word here)   

Anyways, the creators of openbook, made it to  warn people about their privacy or lack of it on the social network giant. With openbook, you never know who might be watching you ..

Some food for thought.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to Who is watching you on Facebook? – Monday 17th Novmber

  1. Sameer
    Nov 22, 2010

    I hate facebook! I hope people wake up and understand the personal information they are giving away!

  2. Lyla
    Dec 04, 2010

    We all know about facebook’s lack of respect for privacy yet we all sign up. So we know who to blame 🙂

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