Hey everyone,

Araboosh is an Arabic community meeting website. Its main purpose is for those looking for relationships/marriage. But it is also for those looking for just friends, sports partners  and/or just communicating with other Arabs.

It seems today, Arabic dating sites are popping up like wild mushrooms  with anyone with a computer in the basement starting a dating website.  Last time I checked, there was 1,038,032 (more or less) websites that cater to Arabic dating.

So there is quantity but is there quality and do we really need one more? Really now?!

There are certainly a few good sites but they are only a handful. Even then, they usually have a few drawbacks. Some will cost you an arm and a leg every month, some are very generic and some are associated with scams. Many are not owned/run by Arabs at all and they are nothing but $$$ generating machine!

How will Araboosh be different?

  • Araboosh will be focused exclusively on the Arabic community. (no Italian singles, Japanese singles, Martian singles sites to distract from our main and only focus .. Araboosh!)
  • Araboosh is built by the Arabic  community for the Arabic community. All of us are involved in the Arabic community in one shape or another.
  • Araboosh will cover a lot more than just “dating”. From the enhanced search features to blogs to forums. Not to mention voice/audio/chatting.

We are in a pre launch stage. We have been beta testing with a few hundred members and the feedback has been great. We are planning  to go live in (December).

We have a vision for the site and its community and our propose is to set the standards other Arabic community sites are judged by. It is an aggressive goal but then, life is too short not to give 110%!

I conclude by saying we are very excited here at Araboosh and we look forward to building a true Arabic community online.

This will be the first of many blogs to come. It will be used by the Araboosh team to communicate with its members about the site, general topics that relate to Arabs. It will feature guest bloggers to address certain topics and occasionally we might “attempt” to share some of our goofy sense of humor here at the Araboosh team!

Again, on the behalf of Araboosh, welcome! 


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  1. Hamid
    Oct 09, 2010

    Fantastic blog! I truly love the layout and your writing style. Keep it up. 🙂

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