Having lived on both sides of the Atlantic, allows me the opportunity to make some comparisons with substantive observations.

The Constitution: The US declaration of independence and the foundation of society. The US is called the land of opportunity. Britain,on the other hand, has an ancient relic system with hereditary monarchy, a rebel church and a society in which people are born not equal, as some are born “Lords” and others are born subjects or as commonly known .. “commoners”!  The US has citizens, each is born free to own a gun and has the choice to select any station out of 7,305 sattelite station through his remote control! On the other hand, The Subjects in the UK LIKE being subjects!! They are sentimentally attached to their masters ie royality!

Most Americans look down on this monarchy business and see it as a form of slavery! Brits think the monarchy is good for tourism, and most of those tourists, funny enough, are American!

The Media: The UK is so far ahead of the US that comparison is impossible. The British read more newspapers per head of population, more books, borrow more from libraries and are an all round better informed nation. Americans are a nation of couch potatoes. Love watching sports while eating pizza and hot chicken wings! To be fair, the Brits reading includes many papers that have “page 3”, which usually have a top less woman in a “comprimising” position.

Geography: America is clueless when it comes to anything outside their own zip code (post code for Brits reading this). You ask someone where is Germany, and they will respond, give me a second, let me put it in my GPS and I will give you driving directions!

Rednecks: The States, have the Rednecks, the usual ignorant segment of society who hate anyone who looks tanned, have their own teeth or not married to their cousin/sister! The British have got yobs, who unlike the rednecks in the States, they travel overseas, go for a curry after they get drunk and abuse foreigners.

Vacation: Far more Brits travel overseas than Americans as a proportion of the population. This is due to the relatively small size of Europe, and the fact of having 30 days of vacation rather than the pathetic 10 days a year annual holiday in America!  Many of those travelling Brits, are football hooligans, who are violent, drunk and cheap. Americans are far better mannered and more generous tourists.

Healthcare: America is every man for himself society in which 25% of the population does not have health insurance. Those without insurance, have been given a great alternative health plan: DO NOT get sick! Britain is a a lot more civilized by comparison, in which NHS “Their healthcare system” is available FREE of charge. The NHS, may not be as efficient as it could be, but at least ALL Brits do not have to live in fear of having to sell their home if they fall sick. Most Brits view the States as barbaric scoiety. Amazingly enough, many Americans have been simply brainwashed into rejecting any attempts to provide basic health coverage as a “socialist/communists ideas”.

Gun laws: In Britain gun crime is rare. In America, you can buy guns online! In the UK the police, except at airports, are unarmed. In America, the barbarian land, each police officer has enough fire power to erase a small town of the map!

Customer Service: The concept of customer service is alien in the UK. America wins hands down easily!  And now with migrants from Eastern Europe (a place with worse customer service) service in the UK is on a down hill slide! I suspect it will be a loooooong time before you ever hear “HAVE A NICE DAY” while you are shopping in the UK!

Teeth: NO denying, Americans are obessed with teeth! Always trying to go 2 shades whiter than white! The Brits, are cool with color “colour” lime for their teeth and the ocasional bad breath! This could only mean: either the Brits are not so vain or they figure that the money they save on bleaching teeth, could be better utilized elsewhere, like the Pub!

Girls: Ok, not sure how to say this but there is no denying that kilo for kilo/pound for pound America’s got the BIGGEST girls …. in the world. MORE to love some say! And studies show they are getting bigger!

2 different worlds each with its own pros and cons.


Thanks for reading.




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