I am one of those fierce feminists! Still, I in no way think men are better than women, I also do not think that women are better than men. However, I had to post our own top 20 rebuttal to Mr Tarboosh’s list of why men are “happier” than women! 🙂
So here goes:
1. the kitchen is all ours.
2. We miss a haircut appointment and our hair looks longer and sexier. If you men miss your appointment, you will start looking like you are homeless.
3. Chocolate makes up for orgasms that men rarely give us. 
4. Reading men is like reading an open book, whereas men can not read when it comes to understanding women.
5. We can build a man’s ego just by asking him to open a jar.
6. We get doors opened for us.
7. We’re not as hairy and we don’t have to shave our faces. 
8. We have no problem asking for directions when we are lostt. 
9. Scratching ourselves is not an hourly ritual. 
10. We NEVER get our sex organs caught in zippers.

11. We ALWAYS outlive our husbands.
12. We Never need to hold one nostril shut while blowing a huge boogie out the other one.
13. We don’t EVER have to spit.
14. We don’t pull a back muscle while screaming at the television during a football match.
15. We NEVER have to worry about a child not being our own.
16. We can fake it.
17. We don’t fall in love with cartoon characters or play station game females. 
18. We can Multi task.
19. Get turned on without the entire room knowing it.
20. We can have multiple-orgasms.
Please  add to the list and mail it to all your girlfriends! 🙂 


à la prochaine fois

                                                                                                                     Nicole 🙂

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  1. Lyla
    Oct 11, 2010

    You tell em girl!! The list is a lot longer you know lol

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