A date is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get till it is too late! When a date heads south, it can be a terrible put off experience. We have the bad, the ugly and the uglier with this collection of the worst date stories sent by our readers.

1. No Confidence 

Although we really got along really well on by the phone, when we met face to face, my blind date seemed nothing like his photo! He ended up spinding the whole day talking about how unattractive he is and how women always reject him. Then he asked me if I thought he was ugly! Needless to say, I cut the date short  refused a second date in the clear when I have not heard from him for a few days. Then I received an email from him: not a single word, just a photo of his sex organ! Ewwwwwwww!

 — Rania, NJ


2. The Baby Talk

A few month ago, I went on a date with a man I met online. He seemed normal & I agreed to go on a date with him. We went for a light lunch & things were going well. He was good-looking, funny, seemingly normal so I agreed to go on another date with him.

Second date, we went to a lovely steakhouse & after appetizers & his third glass of wine, he starts to talk in baby talk to me, as in “Would you wike a wittle kissy-wissy?” Our steaks arrive & he reached across the table to cut my meat for me!

He really freaked me out, So I said I need to go to the bathroom, & he asks if I “need help wiping”. (I wish I was making this up.) I make it to the ladies room where I see our waitress. I tell her I am lookin for an escape route. Do you have any exists other than the front door (our table was near front door)The waitress said yes, through the back door. So I neded up sneaking through the kitchen back door after I slipped her a $10 tip!

— Muna, NY

3. No Class 

My date told me he wanted to take me to a fancy restaurant out in downtown. After getting the car with my date, he says,  “I forgot that you lived so far out. Do you mind if we don’t go to the resturant I suggested?” I said no, not at all. Then they says, “Good, ’cause I don’t feel like driving way out there and then bringing you all the way back home. I mean this is a first date.”

I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and we ended up going to a dinner restaurant. We eat.After asking for the bill, he asked me to pay for my meal and half the tip, he puts down $20 and asks me if I have a small bills because he doesn’t require to break his other $20. I told him to ask the waitress for change. After we left the restaurant, he said, “This always happens to me when I drink too much soda. It makes me wanna pee.”As he said that he went inside an alley started relieving himself, right in front of me. He had the nerved to call me the next day asking me out on a second date!

— Erin, Washington, D.C.

4. Blast from the Past 

The worst date I ever went on was with a guy I’d known in high school. Jack was the captain of the basketball team, an A+ student and all-around good guy, who I’d only admired from afar during my senior year. I saw him at a party 10 years later, and we ended up having a conversation. By the end of the evening, we had dinner plans for a few nights later. He picked me up right on time and had the reservations made — all good signs, right? WRONG!

The gregarious guy from the party apparently had left on a permanent vacation, and I was suddenly sitting next to Mr. Silent. Then, a couple Jack knew sat behind us, and he proceeded to turn completely around and have a conversation with them. He didn’t even acknowledge my presence! It was horrifying. My saving grace was a friend of mine who happened to be waitressing that night. She saved me with an “emergency” phone call. Jack didn’t even offer to drive me home when I announced I had to leave; he said “Okay” and kept on talking! The best part of the story? He actually called me the next day and asked if I wanted to go out again!

 — Salwa, MA


5. Detour on Lover’s Lane 

After a late dinner, my date and I decided to take advantage of our remote spot in the parking lot and started getting hot and heavy in the car. Ten minutes later, I was putting my clothes back on while being escorted out of the car by a police officer. My date was behind the wheel and had to convince the cop that he was sober while I had to swear up and down that I was undressing of my own volition before he let us go. 

— DV, NJ


6. M.I.A. 

I was out with a new man I’d met. We had a great time, and he suggested we go back to his house and watch a flick. So we were talking and watching a movie and were having a glass of wine when he mentioned something about going up to get a cigarette. He slipped away and I didn’t think anything of it, until 30 minutes later when I realized I was still sitting on the couch in this stranger’s home. Alone. To keep from bothering him, if he was talking to some friends or something, I texted him to ask him where he went. He texted me back 10 minutes later to tell me, he was in bed. He left me, the first time in his home, alone. On the couch. For 40 minutes. And went to bed. I was so irked, I just got up, put the wine away, and walked out quietly. Needless to say, I didn’t call him again. 

— Reema, CA

7. Dog of a Date 

When my date picked me up, he was with his friend and my sister told me that his friend was married to her archenemy. Great, I was going on a double date with a girl who hated my sister. When I got to the car, I saw a dog inside — it belonged to the husband of my sister’s archenemy. After we were on the road for a few minutes the dog climbed into the back seat where I was, (yes, I was in the back seat), and threw up. I rode the rest of the way to his friend’s house right beside dog vomit. The weirdest part of the date was that my date brought his camera and took pictures of the two of us like we were already a couple. I never spoke to him again.

— Mariam, NC

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    I can relate to some of these horror stories! lol

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