If there is one TV show that has gotton under many Arabs and Muslims skin, it is the FOX TV show 24.

Many viewed it as a pro-torture, antiMuslim propaganda by FOX. It was a show  that could have easily and deservdly won the award for the dumbest show in the world!

That show is no more. It is official. There will be no more “24” next year.  Many of the die hard fans of the show see it as a victory for terrorism and bad news for the ecomony and bad acting!  

Don’t let the door hit on your way out Mr Jack Bauer (the super hero of the show)!

News source: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118016989.html?categoryid=14&cs=1

And before you ask, NO! I do not read Vairety, the crazy mouse on my computer just happened to click some link and BOOM, that article was on my screen .. honest!  

Will you miss the show? Or celeberate?

I can not wait to see what other amazing show FOX replace it with!

Till then,


4 Responses to The show that many Arabs loved to hate .. – Saturday 3rd April

  1. Khalid
    Apr 05, 2010

    I hate that damn show!

  2. Marwan
    Apr 05, 2010

    It is the worst show on the planet! Just ignorant. I am so glad it is over.

  3. Magdalene Kaizer
    Apr 29, 2010

    This is a really excellent read for me. Must agree that you are one of the coolest bloggers I ever saw. Thanks for posting this useful article.

  4. Sameera
    May 13, 2010

    An absolutely raciest show!

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