I’m a good looking Arabic man (not many of us around) and sometimes that is tough.

I do not understand these women who stare at me from a distance  like I am some kind of a shawerma sandwich!

Why not just ask me out instead of playing all these kiddy games?

Man, every day I run into all sorts of women who just STARE at me shamelessly, You think I am not aware?  Trust me, it is very OBVIOUS!

The young waitress smiling at me, and tossing her hair seductively every time I ask for a refill of my diet 7up?? So  I leave my generous 5.5 % tip, and next time I come in she’s even more flirty, trying to play “hard to get” by avoiding my section completely. Kiddy games!! SHAME on you!

The older lady who approached me at the bookshop, who has her own business and is looking for people just like me to help her expand in the area???  Yeah right!! Like I don’t know what THAT’S all about!! Work from home she said!!! Expand in her home is what she meant! SHAME on you!

Or that real curvy dark haired flight attendant with the wedding ring.. who keeps coming over to see if I want anything while smiling … YOU’RE MARRIED, SHAME on you!

That is why I use a nick name  Mr Tarboosh for the anonymity to help hide my amazing looks and irresistible charm.  But no doubt some of my internet stalkers will find me eventually, begging me be their toy boy!!

If you can approach me directly with confidence so we don’t have to play these kiddy games, I’d love to hear from you. Otherwise piss off!!!

I just want to add that I’m not attracted to Nigerian women, no matter how much money you  are willing to deposite into my bank account.

Just a personal preference.

أستاذ  طربوش

One Response to SHAME on you! – Wedensday 29th September

  1. KSA Nicole
    Sep 30, 2010

    hahaha! Very funny Mr Tarboosh! Welcome aboard!

    Nicole 🙂

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