Someone said, we should write about fashion. So here is I guess our first fashion news that combines a bit of high tech! A dress developed that doubles as a cellphone using gesture recognition software has been developed by a UK based company.

The dress allows a wearer to insert a SIM card under the label to connect with their usual phone service provider. The phone allows for multiple ring tones.

The company said its gesture recognition software answers a call when the wearer holds a hand up in the traditional pose of using a phone and hangs up when the arm is dropped!!

Forget about the cure for cancer or fighting global warming, we have Dress Com here! I am just spechless

For those interested, the company said the dress is scheduled for release next year.

The actualy website for the fashion company: Click here

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2 Responses to Ring my dress! Saturday 9th October

  1. Gamal
    Oct 10, 2010

    we are becoming more and more dependent on communications gadets that we are losing our social side. Soon they will implant a chip in our head where can just think to communicate instead of use phone.

  2. Hani
    Oct 11, 2010

    haha! I love your new 60seonds news column!! any chance of some political coverage????? I d love to see your take on it ..

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