I was going to write about the new tax increase and how it will effect the world economy and daily life of average citizens but then I came to the conclusion that there was more exciting stuff to talk about .. like

LICE   (قمل)

Some will never forgive & forget and they will always feel the need to seek revenge from those who wronged them. In many parts of the world, the revenge takes the form of  blood fueds between families that goes on in some cases for decades.

Now there might be a better way to get revenge without the need for blood.

Lice is the answer according to a British website (crabrevenge.com) that sells lice. The website talks about using lice for revenge. How? By putting the lice on the bed of the target of your revenge. This will lead to severe itching.

Is this for real? Not sure as the website has many spelling and grammatical errors. However, the website claims it’s not a joke. 

An English historian (Edward Gibbon 1737–1794)  once said “Revenge is profitable” and sure enough it seems some are taking those words to the bank!

Do you see yourself ever buying such product?

Thank you for reading.



3 Responses to Revenge of the lice – Tuesday 18th May

  1. Dina
    May 29, 2010

    I cant believe people will buy this for revenge! ewww lol

  2. Khalid
    Jun 10, 2010

    This is sick! but Im suremany will be buying to get revenge. very sick!!

  3. Ranya
    Jun 15, 2010

    Only someone disturbed will resort to such act. I am surprised it is legal to sell such a thing!!

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