“I feel like I am always wooing my girl but it doesn’t happen the other way around. I bring her flowers often. I wish occasionally she’d surprise me with a six-pack or my favorite dessert.”
— Dustin, 25  

“When a guy first gets home, give him ten minutes or so before you really start talking to him. We need time to decompress. After that, we’ll be much better listeners.”
— Marco, 29

“My fiancé takes over the kitchen. She’s a great cook, but I wish she’d ask me to join her sometimes. It’d be fun and sexy to make dinner together.”
— Andy, 32

“If you’re irritated with me, tell me. Women seem to keep saying they’re fine even when they’re not until they just blow up. I’d rather know earlier so I can try and fix whatever I did.”
— Chris, 26

“I love spending time with my wife but sometimes it feels like we have to do everything together. I’d like to spend one night apart every so often. I feel like it’d give us more to talk about.”
— Peter, 27

“After a fight, I like being physically close to my girl. So, it’s nice when she cuddles up next to me on the couch.” — Eric, 24

“Compliment how I look when we’re going out. I always say how great my girlfriend looks, but I want a little ego boost too.”
— Justin, 25

“If we’re at dinner or even watching a movie at home together, put down your phone.”
— Mike, 28

“When you ask me a question give me some time to figure out the answer. Whether it is about moving in together or going to Christmas at your parents, I need to think about it. So, don’t be upset or take it personally if I can’t give you an answer right away.”
— Travis, 33

“Random ‘I love you’ texts are always nice.”
— Fabian, 29

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