Many members have wrote to us saying they are having a difficulty thinking of a unique screen name.

People looking for love online should pick a screen name that is playful and flirtatious screen , such as “ArabQT” or “imsoweet” .

Physical descriptions such as “TallMan” or “blueeyedQT” as just as good.

Men are less attracted to “boring” names, even though they might seem more classy or brainy!Names such as Kreema123 or HallaPHD .

Women on the other hand, tend to be more attracted to names that suggested men were educated and cultured. Names such as DrHani or TheaterMan

But at the bottom of the group for both men and women came screen names that implied wealth “rich” such as ‘RichArab’, ‘MrPorsche’ or ‘MrCEO’.

This is because showing off about one’s wealth from the start shows superficial personality or lying.

Thinking of something  as simple as a well-chosen screen name could significantly increase your chance of finding a partner.

Be creative!

Lina 🙂

One Response to Picking a Screen name ?? Easy? Many think NOT!

  1. Camel Rider
    Jun 03, 2011

    Great post Lina. Camel Rider is already reserved! But Horse rider I think is still available! 🙂

    I see some screen names on araboosh that obviously were created without thinking!!!!!

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