Men are clues less in terms of the qualities women are looking for in a man. Men try to present themselves completely different than what we look for.  Obviously good good looks and good job go without saying but there is more to what we look for in a man.

So men stop trying to impress us with all of your superficials and listen up. These are the qualities we look for in a man:

1- Honesty. This is the most important characteristics we look for.  We don’t want to spend our days and nights wondering if you’re cheating on us. We also want someone who will be a stright talker and say what is on his mind. We don’t want to play mind games. Be honest and upfront.

2- Intelligence. We like our men to be intelligent. If you can not hold a decent conversation, than you’re a waste of time. You have to be able to talk about different things other than football!  There’s something very sexy about a man who has brains!

3- Goal oriented. We love a man who has goals and v ision for his career path and family life.  It’s okay if you’re in starting up early in your career  as long as you have a goal and working towards it.

4- Sense Of Humor. Women love men who are funny!   Humor is infectious. The sound of loud laughter is far more contagious than any cold. Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress and pain. There is nothing more romantic than finding someone to love and laugh with through life. 

5- Shared Values. I do not agree with the old saying “opposites attract”. That can’t be further from the truth. The most important thing in a relationship is sharing the same personal values and priorities in life. We like our men to have the same thoughts as us on politics, religion and having babies. Without sharing the same core values, it will be hard to build a healthy relationship.


à la prochaine fois

Nicole 🙂 



The flying iPhone drone

I have been asked to share any relevant hightech news. I am not sure how many follow the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) news – but I am a devoted follower due to the future high tech stuff it reveals every year.

iPhone is the latest must have and there are many applications coming out daily for it. But none comes close to the one showin in CES!

What is it?

iPhone controlled, a four-rotor chopper with 2 cameras that  will allow you to shoot down virtual  alien motherships on your phone (you will see them in your room) on the phone’s screen. Also via the camera, you can spy on next door love!!

How is it related to dating? You use your chopper’s camera to recieve send love messages reagdless of what floor your love is at!! The days of blue tooth messaging are long gone. Now everything is via air!!

I love it!

A very cool gadget! Check it out at:


One of our members (Khalid) sent us this interesting funny photo of a book store in HongKong.

For those who do not get it right away .. read the 2nd and 3rd word together.

I wonder if the owner knows about the name of his store? Either way, it is a creative way to get your store known!

Thank you for reading.


I am flattered by the amazing introduction Nahar used to unleash me and Adam I mean introduce us to you. 🙂

I figured this is an Arabic dating site so I decided my first post will be about how to write an attractive profile header.

Today, more and more women are going online because they are finding it harder to meet high quality singles in real life due to lack of time, tradition or one of many several factors that hold us back. But many women I know are complaining about meeting only losers online.

My answer it is not you, it is your profile. Women usually make a few common mistakes that attract the wrong type of men.

Mistakes women make:

#1: You Don’t promote yourself

You might be reluctant to promote yourself because you do not want to come across as arrogant or cocky.  But by leaving your strengths, you are selling yourself short. If you speak 3 languages, travelled to 25 countries then you should list it. Chances are someone with similar passions and background will respond.

Get a close friend to help you create your profile. She’ll highlight your strengths from an outsider point of view.

#2: Copy and Paste

Writing another profile that starts with I am “nice, smart, fun, and sweet girl” = BORING, as it will sound like the other 10,000 profiles out there saying the same thing! 

The best profiles have an original story to tell. Men love stories because they are kids on the inside, so write an interesting story that will appeal to men. Stories such as hiking in the amazons with friends or a simple trip with girlfriends to a local music concert. This way you’ll come off as passionate, which is a major turn-on for most men.

#3: Boring porfile

While a coherent and properly spelled online profile is appreciated, you shouldn’t write an academic (boring) description of you. Instead, you should use humour! I think if you can make someone laugh or someone makes you laugh, you’re on the path to a good relationship. So use a few good jokes in your profile. However, be careful to only use harmless, innocent jokes. You do not want to come across as crude or dorky.

#4: No Photos

The best way to get noticed online, is to include a photo. Choose a clear photo that shows in your best light and preferably smiling. Get a friend who know to take photos to take a nice photo. 

#5: No expectations

What are your expectations from joining Araboosh? Tell people the kind of relationship you are looking for (marriage, friendship, .. etc) This way only those with similar expecations will contact you. 

Just have fun and be yourself!!

à la prochaine fois

Nicole  🙂

Today, we are proud to unleash .. I mean introduce  two new members of our Araboosh team, Nichole and Adam. Nicole columns will cover the women’s prospective, covering areas such as fashion, relationships and other relevant subjects that men do not know anything about.

Adam is our techie and he will post about geeky umm I mean techie (sorry Adam!)  stuff that I am clueless about but some of our members might find interesting!

We also do invite our members to send any news contributions to us, specially anything that might come across to funny to you but might be disturbing to others!


It has been a while since I have been to Cairo, so I have decided it was time for a visit. Obviously I did not realise how looooong it has been till it was time to cross a main road in downtown Cairo and ohh boy was I in for a surprise!

First of, let me describe the atmospeher in Cairo. A thick foggy toxic cloud hangs heavy in the air. It has a unique scent of car fumes and Grilled kabab! 

Screaming car horns is what visitors to Cairo notice.  Drivers use their horns for many reasons.  It could be it mean ‘’watch out,’’ ‘’get out of my way’’,’’you are moron and I am gonna run you over” or simply to express their happyness/anger that their football team  won/lost! 

I have witnessed several arguments and fights in the middle of traffic jams with people getting out of their vehicles to have a huge screaming match and sometimes exchanging blows.  What does this mean for traffic?  Traffic comes to a screeching halt.

Which leads me to my next point, crossing the streets in Cairo. On my first day I was out in downtown Cairo. Being the organized guy I am, I have found a zebra crossing and went there for crossing. I waited for cars to stop. They did not. I thought perhaps the drivers were waiting for traffic light to turn red. The lights truned red, green, red, green and red again, yet, no cars stopped at all!

As I stood there in the heat and dust enhaling carbon dioxide and pondering the meaning of life and possible ways of crossing this road, an old man asked me, what are you doing? So I shared with him, my disre to cross this road.

The man laughed, laughed and then laughed some more. I thought he was having a heart attack. But no, it was a laughter indeed. He said no one uses these crossings. They are there for pure decoration. So I asked him, how do you propose we cross this 6 lane road??

He said follow me. What he did next was something I saw done only once before, in an old video game where a chicken tries to cross the road, and it usually does after being run over 22 times!

The man walked between cars, resversed a few times, moved sideways a couple of times, raised his hands a few times and just when I thought he was certain to be run over by that speeding bus, he managed to miss it and make it to the finish line .. umm I mean the other side of the road!

One word comes to mind .. AMAZING!

Now it was my turn as I stood on the other side of the street. I knew it was crazy but now my image was stake as I saw old women, young kids cross the street in the same manner. My inner macho voice screamed GO!

And go I did. I closed my eyes, said my prayers and stepped forward. What happened next seemed like a flash as it happened very quickly. I remember a couple of vans zooming by, a few screaming taxi drivers, a few loud horns and a  bus speeding towards me.  My life flashed infront of me as I thought my chances of making it to the other side was slim! Amazingly enough I managed to miss them all and make it to the other side .. of the street!

Sometimes we take the simplest things for granted. Crossing the street in Cairo is an art that reqires cat like reflexes, endurance, faith and suicidal tendencies!

The only rule on the streets in Cairo is NO RULES!  It is free for all with an anything goes mentality.  There are cars everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE, coming at you from ALL directions, some drivers reverse the wrong way down a road if they’ve missed their turn and people park wherever they want.  There is no order; in one word it is chaotic. 

After asking around I was given a couple of helpful tips.  I was told to make direct eye contact with the driver to let him or her know that I will be crossing the road no matter what.  Another piece of advice was to walk next to a Cairo native as he/she crossed because chances are they are better trained in the deadly art of road crossing (just make sure he/she is closer to the cars for cushion!). So far these tips have made the crossing an easier task!

Road cossing in Cairo is an art which should be made into an olympic sport!

Do you have a similar traffic issues in your city?  Please feel free to share with us any heroic road crossing adventures you may have had.

In the meantimes, my next vacation, I am going somewhere where the are NO CARS .. Vience perhaps!


Yesterday, I mentioned the ending of the TV show 24 by FOX (must have ran out of Arabic looking actors to kill on show!).

Now FOX has a new warning about new methods terrorists are coming up with.

What you ask?

You will not believe me as I did not believe it myself when I have read it but here it is..

 Breast Implants to Crash Planes

“Female homicide bombers are being fitted with exploding breast implants which are almost impossible to detect”

The danger is not only posed by women, men can also be fitted with these explosive implants in their .. bottom!

So any Arab looking male/female with  umm .. ahem .. larger than average assets be prepared for hands on search!

Just when you thought racial profiling could not get any worse!

Source of news:



If there is one TV show that has gotton under many Arabs and Muslims skin, it is the FOX TV show 24.

Many viewed it as a pro-torture, antiMuslim propaganda by FOX. It was a show  that could have easily and deservdly won the award for the dumbest show in the world!

That show is no more. It is official. There will be no more “24” next year.  Many of the die hard fans of the show see it as a victory for terrorism and bad news for the ecomony and bad acting!  

Don’t let the door hit on your way out Mr Jack Bauer (the super hero of the show)!

News source:

And before you ask, NO! I do not read Vairety, the crazy mouse on my computer just happened to click some link and BOOM, that article was on my screen .. honest!  

Will you miss the show? Or celeberate?

I can not wait to see what other amazing show FOX replace it with!

Till then,


Welcome to this week’s post.

A couple of members posted a question out of legitimate concern.

It seems a leading Arabic Dating site is advertising on Israeli newspapers and the concern/question was if we would ever follow in the same footsteps.

To be honest, I was surprised when I have heared this. So I did my own checking and sure enough, there it was.  I am not going to get drawn into political debate here, as there are other forums for it. But I will address this concern/question from a marketing point of view.

Some will say WHAAAAT!! And others will say What’s the big deal.

If it is not a big deal then this topic will be not relevant. However, if you are one of those that care where their money goes, then perhaps you should read on.

Our members demographic is the Arabic community, so naturally using Arabic media outlet will be the way to go. So  why on earth would an Arabic dating website advertise on Israeli newspapers??

I am not sure .. and it makes no sense to me but then a lot of things make no sense to me!

So to answer the question, NO we have no intentions of ever advertising in Israeli newspapers, EVER!

Going back to my first post, this community is made by Arabs for Arabs.

Pure and simple.


I was in a grocery store the other day when I heared someone ask if they had halal fish. A few days later I saw an ad for halal bubble gum. 

Yesterday, one of our members emailed a copy of a page from an Arabic dating website (shall remain nameless) that claimed to have HALAL Chatting/IMs !! Yes HALAL Chatting and IMs. At this point we can see a pattern here. 

Now the fish and the bubble gum was a bit over the top but hala chat is on a whole different planet all together!! 

 I am curious, how can someone provide halal chatting/IMs ?? 

The only thing I could think of was to have an IMAM/Sheikh sit on top of a server (computer) and bless the the chats/IMs going back and forth across the globe!! 

Really now! 

Is there such thing as halal fish/bubble gum or chatting? 

As immigration to the west have gone through the roof, marketing firms realized the word halal was a powerful marketing tool. Recently, two McDonald’s restaurants in Australia switched to halal sources for their meat and their sales doubled!

Halal = $$$.  All you need to say is we have `halal’ and the job is done!

Many however believe the word halal is being used (abused) more and more every day. (halal bubble gum/fish and now chat)

We have to be a bit smarter and not jump on anything with the word halal on it. 


You could be compromising your health/safety and money. Because of the word halal, many will no longer check to see if quality, value or even safety is there.There has been stories of investors losing their money in banks that claimed to be halal.

So my 2 cents is to do your due diligence before buying something only because it claims to be halal! 

I wonder how soon before we start seeing halal pork ???


We have had a few emails asking if we are open for business yet?

The answer is simply .. Yes and No.

Yes, you can sign up and join but No we are not officially open yet. We are still in beta testing phase as we are making some minor tweaks and adjustments. So as long as you keep that in mind, please feel free to join and provide us feed back if you can. Araboosh is by the community for the community, so your feed back is very valuable to us.

We will announce once we are officially up and running.

Another question, we have many features that members love and some have technical questions. How do I do this or that?

We promise once we are launched we will have all sorts of questions answered in simple to read  FAQ. For those who are not into reading, we will also provide Video Tutorial on how to use the different features on the site. From uploading photos to searching to blogs.

In the meantime, I want to personally on the behalf of Araboosh team,  thank everyone who has joined. And special thanks to those who are doing the daily testing and providing feedback.


Welcome to this week’s Araboosh blog.  It does seem at the moment I am making excuses every week for shorter blogs, and this week is no exception.

Araboosh projects and launch date, do take up a fair amount of time and with my desire to get Araboosh going soon, the blog is something that will have to take a back seat, albeit temporarily.

Last week’s blog discussed the improtance of (or lack of) your personal ad header. However, there is something more improtant that should be addressed before any word is typed. 

This week’s blog focuses on the F Factor, the Fear Factor.

Fear can stop you from looking for a job, love or even looking in the mirror.

The fear of  rejection can have a damaging effect on relationships, it can cause you to become obsessive, clingy and jealous which can destroy a relationship that has barely begun.

Fear is a chain holding you back from reaching your potential.

It amazes me how most of us are much more able to easily list things we hate about ourselves rather than what we like. I am convienced that is due to the fact we live in captialist society. A society that makes us feel inferior (you are not good looking enough, skinny enough, smart enough, ..blah blah enough so you have the disre to go and buy things they produce and that you really do not need! 

Think about the ads you see on TV, magazines etc. An attractive man/woman using a toothpaste, driving a car, wearing makeup etc ..  with the message, if you use this product, you will become sexy and people will love you!

That is why people feel nervous and develop this fear of rejection becasue we all have been brain washed into thinking we are not good enough!

Once we are aware of this, it will be easier to confront our fear.


You lose your fear by focusing on your curiousty and strength. Think of the little experiences you have had, your first day in school, your first ice cream or your first time on that gigantic roller coaster (minus the embrassing screaming)!

Fear would have made you miss out on all those exeriences and their joy.

Be afraid of not taking chances. Certainly look left and right before crossing the road but do not stand in the middle of the road and freez like a dear caught in headlights, you will get run over by a truck! 

The fear of rejection is an enormus subject that can not be addressed by a single blog. The objective of this blog is to make you aware of its existance and how it may have an effect on relaionships/dating and more often than not, it can effect other aspects beyoned dating.

I will leave you with a simple excercise.

List 10 things friends like about you. For example:  Supportive, fun, caring ..

The point of the excercse is to highlite your positive and give you the confidence you need.

This subject is to be continued at a later date ..


“Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear” – Cheri Huber

I have received a few emails regarding what  may seem like an old topic, and one that has been discussed on many other dating sites, but it keeps coming up often.

Many have a tough time selecting a profile header message which appears when someone does a search.

I could not understand at first what the issue is, as I thought it was a simple task.  However, 3 cups of tea later, I realized the task at hand was much more challenging than initally thought and required careful planning!

Passersby will judge your profile based on its header and might just click away if they do not like it!

Hmm.. do you go for the serious or funny or just downright wacky!

So here is a top 10 list, It has the good, the bad and the ugly for those who are too desperate for a header. Use at your own risk, as I will not be responsible  for slaps, gun shots, 4 letter words that might be used against you. You have been warned!

My top 10 Profile headers: 

Drums please.. 

10. Fee free to contact me, all my photos are current!

 9. Free Spirit. (Just got released out of Jail)

 8.  Only men over 6ft need apply!

 7. I believe in Santa Clause, Dragons and Good men!

 6. If you play your cards right, we can play Xbox on my 42″ Plasma TV!

 5. Smart, Yes! Cute, Yes! Nice, Yes! Rich .. Well 3 out of 4 is not bad!

 4. I wonder how many frogs I will need to kiss to meet my prince!

 3. Looking for a guy with IQ bigger than my dress size.

 2. Dating is like sleeping, starts with a sweet dream and ends with an alarm clock!

 1. I am willing to lie about where we met!

 I am curious to hear back thoughts on the subject from people. It is an important subject that is worth national debate! 🙂


Hey everyone,

Araboosh is an Arabic community meeting website. Its main purpose is for those looking for relationships/marriage. But it is also for those looking for just friends, sports partners  and/or just communicating with other Arabs.

It seems today, Arabic dating sites are popping up like wild mushrooms  with anyone with a computer in the basement starting a dating website.  Last time I checked, there was 1,038,032 (more or less) websites that cater to Arabic dating.

So there is quantity but is there quality and do we really need one more? Really now?!

There are certainly a few good sites but they are only a handful. Even then, they usually have a few drawbacks. Some will cost you an arm and a leg every month, some are very generic and some are associated with scams. Many are not owned/run by Arabs at all and they are nothing but $$$ generating machine!

How will Araboosh be different?

  • Araboosh will be focused exclusively on the Arabic community. (no Italian singles, Japanese singles, Martian singles sites to distract from our main and only focus .. Araboosh!)
  • Araboosh is built by the Arabic  community for the Arabic community. All of us are involved in the Arabic community in one shape or another.
  • Araboosh will cover a lot more than just “dating”. From the enhanced search features to blogs to forums. Not to mention voice/audio/chatting.

We are in a pre launch stage. We have been beta testing with a few hundred members and the feedback has been great. We are planning  to go live in (December).

We have a vision for the site and its community and our propose is to set the standards other Arabic community sites are judged by. It is an aggressive goal but then, life is too short not to give 110%!

I conclude by saying we are very excited here at Araboosh and we look forward to building a true Arabic community online.

This will be the first of many blogs to come. It will be used by the Araboosh team to communicate with its members about the site, general topics that relate to Arabs. It will feature guest bloggers to address certain topics and occasionally we might “attempt” to share some of our goofy sense of humor here at the Araboosh team!

Again, on the behalf of Araboosh, welcome!