Having lived on both sides of the Atlantic, allows me the opportunity to make some comparisons with substantive observations.

The Constitution: The US declaration of independence and the foundation of society. The US is called the land of opportunity. Britain,on the other hand, has an ancient relic system with hereditary monarchy, a rebel church and a society in which people are born not equal, as some are born “Lords” and others are born subjects or as commonly known .. “commoners”!  The US has citizens, each is born free to own a gun and has the choice to select any station out of 7,305 sattelite station through his remote control! On the other hand, The Subjects in the UK LIKE being subjects!! They are sentimentally attached to their masters ie royality!

Most Americans look down on this monarchy business and see it as a form of slavery! Brits think the monarchy is good for tourism, and most of those tourists, funny enough, are American!

The Media: The UK is so far ahead of the US that comparison is impossible. The British read more newspapers per head of population, more books, borrow more from libraries and are an all round better informed nation. Americans are a nation of couch potatoes. Love watching sports while eating pizza and hot chicken wings! To be fair, the Brits reading includes many papers that have “page 3”, which usually have a top less woman in a “comprimising” position.

Geography: America is clueless when it comes to anything outside their own zip code (post code for Brits reading this). You ask someone where is Germany, and they will respond, give me a second, let me put it in my GPS and I will give you driving directions!

Rednecks: The States, have the Rednecks, the usual ignorant segment of society who hate anyone who looks tanned, have their own teeth or not married to their cousin/sister! The British have got yobs, who unlike the rednecks in the States, they travel overseas, go for a curry after they get drunk and abuse foreigners.

Vacation: Far more Brits travel overseas than Americans as a proportion of the population. This is due to the relatively small size of Europe, and the fact of having 30 days of vacation rather than the pathetic 10 days a year annual holiday in America!  Many of those travelling Brits, are football hooligans, who are violent, drunk and cheap. Americans are far better mannered and more generous tourists.

Healthcare: America is every man for himself society in which 25% of the population does not have health insurance. Those without insurance, have been given a great alternative health plan: DO NOT get sick! Britain is a a lot more civilized by comparison, in which NHS “Their healthcare system” is available FREE of charge. The NHS, may not be as efficient as it could be, but at least ALL Brits do not have to live in fear of having to sell their home if they fall sick. Most Brits view the States as barbaric scoiety. Amazingly enough, many Americans have been simply brainwashed into rejecting any attempts to provide basic health coverage as a “socialist/communists ideas”.

Gun laws: In Britain gun crime is rare. In America, you can buy guns online! In the UK the police, except at airports, are unarmed. In America, the barbarian land, each police officer has enough fire power to erase a small town of the map!

Customer Service: The concept of customer service is alien in the UK. America wins hands down easily!  And now with migrants from Eastern Europe (a place with worse customer service) service in the UK is on a down hill slide! I suspect it will be a loooooong time before you ever hear “HAVE A NICE DAY” while you are shopping in the UK!

Teeth: NO denying, Americans are obessed with teeth! Always trying to go 2 shades whiter than white! The Brits, are cool with color “colour” lime for their teeth and the ocasional bad breath! This could only mean: either the Brits are not so vain or they figure that the money they save on bleaching teeth, could be better utilized elsewhere, like the Pub!

Girls: Ok, not sure how to say this but there is no denying that kilo for kilo/pound for pound America’s got the BIGGEST girls …. in the world. MORE to love some say! And studies show they are getting bigger!

2 different worlds each with its own pros and cons.


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Everyone says it is time to get married! So I have joined online dating and recently Araboosh looking for a possible wife. After going through thousands of posts hoping to find my dream woman for the past 3 months now, I’ve noticed a common theme in posts. So I would like to take a minute to sum it up so you know as a man what you are up against!


  • “Seeking a man that’s at least 6 feet tall. I like to wear high heels” .

Damn, totally screwed here! I’m only 5’10”  apparently equaling “somewhat tallish midget and therefore undatable”, even though the average male height is 5’9″. And 6 feet tall?? Why???  What kind of high heel shoes are you wearing anyway??? Do you need a ladder to climb up to those shoes??

No thanks!


  • “Must love animals”.

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السلام عليكم

.Araboosh أنا مطلقة وبدأت في الآونة الأخيرة  اتحدث مع رجل قابلته على

لدينا الكثير من القواسم المشتركة. أريد أن أقول له إنني أحبه لكنني خائفه من الرفض. لديه 3 أطفال .هو رجل الحلو و ظريف .  أنا بدأت أحبه أكثر كل يوم. فماذا أفعل؟ خطر الرفض أو الانتظار بالنسبة له للقيام بالخطوة الأولى؟




مرحبا زهرة

الحب على الانترنت يمكن أن يكون مجرد شارع في اتجاه واحد إلى لا مكان. انه يؤدي الى التخيلات التي غالبا ما تكون بعيدة جدا عن الواقع. أنت لا تعرف أبدا أي شخص من مجرد الكتابة له على الانترنت. أنت بحاجة إلى معرفة ما إذا كان هناك إعجاب من الطرفين،

لا تضيعوا وقتك في الكتابة والتخيل حول ما اذا كان هو فارس الاحلام. أطلبي منه الكلام على التليفون. و بعدها أطلبي منه أن تلتقوا  في مكان عام لتناول الغداء أو القهوة أو نزهة في الحديقة. و بعدها تقررين إذا أردتي الاستمرار.

,حظاً سعيداً و شكرآ لسؤآلك


إذا كان لديك سؤال، الرجاء تسجيل الدخول على Araboosh و مراسلتي على إسم المستخدم “GHARAM”


Hello Mr Tarboosh,

I am have been going out with a woman from work for the past 3 months now. We have a lot of fun together  and I feel we have a romantic connection between us. I was thinking of proposing to her when all of a sudden, she said we are not working out and we should stay as FRIENDS only. She is now going out with a guy who is not even half as nice to her as I was! I treated her much better then him! I am confused!

How do you interpret her behaviour?  Any chance to get her back?

Thank you for your advice.

Khalid, USA


Mr Tarboosh Response

Hello Khalid,

Let’s start with the definition of the word “nice,”.  This word is a combination of 3 words “wws” , Weak, Wimpy, Submissive. wws is a guy who tends to behave in a wimpish, submissive, weak, and needy way.

The problem with being a “WWS” is that women are never attracted to weakness.
Never, ever, EVER!

Now, a woman might marry a WWS guy because  he’s either “nice” or the only thing she can find,  or maybe he is rich! But the thing is, she’ll never feel genuine attraction for him because nice guys always finish last!

Remember, she is not trying to hurt you. She just really like the bad boy type. A lot of women do.

The solution:

  • STOP emailing/talking/thinking about her. STOP being a wws!
  • START going out with other women. NOT all women are looking for the bad/jerk boy type!
  • SLAP yourself! If you find yourself thinking about her, just slap your self or even better, have a friend slap you!

And if she ever calls you, tell her you are busy with a hot date and you gotta go!

If you do not want to finish last, you will have to stop being a “nice” guy!


Mr Tarboosh

We often hear complaints from professional single women that their online dating efforts have just not been successful. Let’s take a look at that …

Meeting great guys is a challenge for most single women, and when you’re putting in long hours to get ahead in your profession or running a business, the challenge grows even greater. So, it’s little wonder that professional women like the concept of online dating –they completely “get” time management, and because online dating provides a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff, it theoretically offers the best return on time invested.
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CHICAGO — Paul Gutierrez can attest to some pretty bad dating horror stories.

One time, a mail-order bride climbed out a window in the middle of their date. Another time, Gutierrez, 38, says he dressed up like a moose to catch a woman’s attention, to no avail.

Paul looking for a date

Paul looking for a date

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يا غرام، أنا مخطوبة بقالي سنة تقريباً و لغاية دلوقتي مش قادرة احب خطيبى. أعمل أيه؟ هو انسان كويس بس مش حاسة بحب ناحيته. حرام أفسخ الخطوبة ؟



السلام عليكم

مش عيب انك تفسخى الخطوبة ، لكن العيب انك تفضلى مع انسان مفيش اى مشاعر بينكم. الخطوبة مقدمة للزواج ، والزواج مبني على القبول و الحب. وطالما لا جود لقبول و حب ، فالأصح فسخ الخطوبة ، الخطوبة اصلا عباره عن فترة تعارف مسبق للزواج

ألم صغير النهاردة أحسن من ألم كبير بكرة


شكرآ لسؤآلك


إذا كان لديك سؤال، الرجاء تسجيل الدخول على Araboosh و مراسلتي على إسم المستخدم “GHARAM”


Sure, being good-looking and charming will certainly make you more of a catch. But there’s an even more crucial component to attracting others that’s so simple we almost feel weird saying it: Make your date feel good-looking and charming. Do that, and trust us, this person will be back for more. In a day and age when the romantic options out there are seemingly endless, it’s easy to feel like just a number. Prove you think the cutie sitting across from you is one of a kind, and it can make a huge difference. Only how do you make someone feel, well, special? It’s not as hard as you think—just try some of these tips and watch your love interest light up.

Flattery strategy #1: Get specific
Since online daters often feel like they’re just one in a parade of people having coffee with you, demonstrate a genuine interest in your date to help erase that fear. “We studied the relation between reciprocity and romance and found that if someone thinks you’re attracted to them, it increases their attraction to you,” says Eli Finkel, Ph.D, psychology professor at Northwestern University. On the other hand, “If someone’s attracted to you but they get the sense
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اتعرفت على صديقه عن طريق الانترنت. احببتها بصدق و اصبحت لا استغنى عنها ولا انام حتى أسمع صوتها. قريباً ابلغتني أنها متزوجه. لا استطيع العيش بدونها أبداً! هي غير سعيدة مع زوجها . هل اطلب منها ترك زوجها من أجلي؟ طبعاً ساتزوجها لو تركته. أم أقطع العلاقة معها؟ هى الحب الأول و الحقيقى لي

دليني على الطريق الصحيح يا أختي



أخي معذب

الاجابة سهلا. هى امرأة متزوجة.  أقطع علاقنك بها و انتهى من الغرق فى بحر الحرام هذا. إذا هية خانت زوجها معاك، ممكن تخونك مع أحد أخر. الدنيا ماليانة نساء عازبات

كون معذب في الدنيا ولا تكون معذب في الاخرة


شكرآ لسؤآلك


إذا كان لديك سؤال، الرجاء تسجيل الدخول Araboosh و مراسلتي على إسم المستخدم “GHARAM”


I have read some disturbing news today!


New Barry Manilow album inspired by … Britney Spears!!

It is like saying Abdul Haleem Hafez was inspired by Sha3ban Abul Reheem!!!

What is the world coming to!!

Read more: Here

غرام انا سمير من تونس الخضراء. تعرفت على بنت في الجامعة.هي بنت جميلة و هادئة. و مرت علي السنة من اجمل سنوات حياتي معها. احبتني و احببتها و فب نهاية ألسنة سافرت للخارج 6 أشهر. و لماعدت اتهمتني اني خنتها و أنا مسافر!!! و من تم بدات المشاكل حتى وصلنا بعد 3 اشهر و طلبت مني القراق .

ساعدني ارجوكي


السلام عليكم سمير

حاويل تفهم منها لش هي بتظن أنك خنتها!! يمكن أحد وقع بنكم. اخى اذا كانت بتحبك حب حقيقي رايحة تخبرك. إذا رفضت معناها انو عندها مشاكل. في هالحال فكر في أنك تبحث عن الحب الحقيقى في مكان أخر. أنا عارفة انو صعب كتير. لكن لازم تحاويل. ربنا معك

شكرآ لسؤآلك


إذا كان لديك سؤال، الرجاء تسجيل الدخول على Araboosh و مراسلتي على إسم المستخدم “GHARAM”


Facebook once again is coming under fire for “quietly” introducing technology to automatically identify people in photos, without their consent!

Facebook’s decision to automatically enable the facial-recognition technology for its users Continue Reading →

السلام عليكم. بدي اشكر كل الأعضاء بعتولي ايميل. شكراً!! 🙂

موضوعنا إليوم ما هو الحب؟

الحب هو احساس خفي قوي يحرك المشاعر و العواطف و يهز  القلب. الحب ليس كلام ولكن افعال


كيف تجعل الفتاة تحبك ؟

بان تجعلها تحس بانها ملكة متوجة جالسة علي عرش قلبك. حبك هو قانونك الذي تحكم به. لابد بان تجعلها تحس بانها الحاكمة والمالكة في هذا الكون وايضا تجعلها تحس بانها اجمل ما رات عينيك وايضا اخر ما رات عينيك


كيف تجعلي الشاب يحبك ؟

ان تثبتي له انه الشاب الوحيد في حياتك وانه ايضا الهواء الذي تتنفسيه والماء الذي تشربيه وان تسمعي كلامه في الشئ الصحيح وليس في الاشياء الخطاء وان تفهمي ما يريد قوله من قبل ما ينطق به ولا تدخلي احد بينكما مهما كان قريب منكم ((اصحاب )) تكلمي معه برقه وامشي معه بخفة ورشاقة وشياكه واجعلي من شخصيتك شخصية تجذب كل من راها وتكلم معاكى


كيف تتاكد من حب الفتاه لك ؟

ليس بحلفان او بالاختبارات كما يفعل البعض (الجهلاء) باحساسك الداخلي لمن تحب ومن تصرفاتها تجاهك ومشاعرها ايضا وتكفي كلمة واحدة تلخص كل مادخلها وهي (بحبك) من هذا تتاكد


كيف تتاكدي من حب الشاب لكي ؟

ان كان حب الشاب حقيقي سوف يظهر من تصرفاته مثلا (الغيرة-الخوف عليكي) وهذان الشيئان كافيان جدا وايضا ان لا يرضى لكى ما لا يرضاة لاخته


إذا كان لديك سؤال، الرجاء تسجيل الدخول على Araboosh و مراسلتي على إسم المستخدم “GHARAM”


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He may be a bit of a geek, but the guy you’ve always thought of as “just a friend” could be the best boyfriend you’ve ever had. Here’s why.

Ever since Michael Cera became hot leading guy material, we’ve been thinking about the dorky guys we often overlook. In our experience, nothing about our nerdy next-door-neighbor ever really inspired any naughty thoughts (except for you know … free homework help). But it turns out that this slightly geeky breed of men might make the best boyfriends. Here’s why.

1. He’s capable of memorizing every line of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings so he shouldn’t have trouble remembering your birthday and favorite kind of flowers.
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1- لا تحاول الكذب على المرأة فإنها ستعرف انك تكذب من صوتك.

2- لا تهمل المرأة وهي في قمة حاجتها لك.

3- لا تسألها عن مدى حبها لك إلا عندما تعبر أنت عن حبك لها أولا.

4- لا تخون المرأة فإن قلبها كالزجاج إن إنكسر فلا يعود لحالته السابقه أبداً.

5- إن ضحكت المرأة فاعلم أنها إرتاحت لك.

6- إن إتصلت بك فعلم أنها كانت حزينة ، وأنها أرادت أن تسمع صوتك لترتاح حتى لو لم تعبر عن حزنها.

7- إن كانت المرأة سعيدة فشاركها سعادتها وإن كانت حزينة فاسألها لتريحها لا لتعطيها حلولاً.

8- قلب المرأة لا يحب الرجل الا إذا وثق به.

9- من الصعب على المرأة ان تعبر عن ضيقها فإن نزلت من عينيها دمعة فاعلم أنها بأشد حالات الضيق.

10- وفي النهاية كن لهذه المرأة الصديق المخلص والأب العطوف والأخ الحنون ، فإن ارتبطت بك فانها بذلك قد ضحت باغلى الاشخاص لديها واختارت مصاحبتك عن مصاحبتهم.


إذا كان لديك سؤال، الرجاء تسجيل الدخول على Araboosh و مراسلتي على إسم المستخدم “GHARAM”


In his recent book, “On the Brink,” former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson admits to getting so stressed out during the height of the 2008 financial meltdown that he would start to dry-heave, sometimes in private and other times in front of congressmen and staffers. Paulson isn’t alone. Physical symptoms of stress, such as dry heaving, can manifest themselves in weird ways when the affairs of life get too overwhelming. And sometimes, you may not even realize that stress is the cause.

1. Vomiting: As Paulson found out, dry-heaving (or retching, in medical terminology) is one way that stress can rear its ugly head. But it’s more often a sign of anxiety. Stress and anxiety can also trigger vomiting and a condition called “cyclic vomiting syndrome,” a condition in which people experience nausea and vomiting over an extended period of time — often, starting at the same time every day. Dealing with anxiety-induced dry heaves or vomiting starts with getting plenty of rest and drinking water (vomiting can cause a loss of electrolytes), and then finding ways to calm down or eliminate the source of your stress, such as practicing walking meditation.
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Many members have wrote to us saying they are having a difficulty thinking of a unique screen name.

People looking for love online should pick a screen name that is playful and flirtatious screen , such as “ArabQT” or “imsoweet” . Continue Reading →

After a few years of marriage and maybe a few kids, many couples settle into a routine and can take their spouse and relationship for granted. Here are ideas on how to keep the spark alive.

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You are probably wondering what on Earth does the title mean??

The answer is found here

They say men are big kids with expensive toys.

Do you agree?


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Thanks to all those who emailed us asking if we have been kidnaped by aliens?

I can assure you that we are still here on Earth! We have been busy developing Araboosh (upgrades,improvments,marketing). In addition, the political tsunami in the Arab world has had an effect on us in some form or another. Some of Araboosh team members have chosen to join the crowds and yell for freedom. A significant emotional event for many.

Now it is calmer in some places but getting hotter in others.

Anyway back on topic. We are back with some enhancmnets to Araboosh.

Latest update:

  • New custom made IM (Instant Messenger) that will allow members online to communicate between each other sharing love notes, cooking recipes and latest gossip!
  • We are hard working on the new Araboosh that will be launched soon that will add a whole lot of new features to Araboosh.

We are looking for ideas that members like to see implmented in the new version of Araboosh.

Thanks for reading.


This past year, gorgeous actress Anne Hathaway’s relationship with Rafaello Follieri famously crashed and burned when he was exposed as a con man.

In fairness to Anne, it’s not always easy to tell whether a dude’s truly charming and sweet or putting on an act. Continue Reading →

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مين أحسن ممثل عربي ؟

الاراء كتير. صوت للممثلك المفضل