Okay, one of the things we debate at Araboosh (when we are not too busy and consumed by news) is films, or which film is the best to watch. I can tell you like most ARabs, we have agreed to disagree!

So each of the Araboosh bloggers will share with you a review of good movie they have watched recently. Feel free to voice your opinion.

I will start with my favourit film of all times … Old Boy!

Oldboy is a SOuth Korean with a Shakespearian feeling to it. It is a tale of revenge. Oh Dae-Su ( Acted by Min-sik Choi), one night on is way home to to celebrate his daughters birthday, gets kidnaped. He is  imprisoned in a small room. His only contact with the world is a small TV. He spends 15 years locked inside that room. After 15 years Oh Dae-su is released from his imprisonment. He leaves with rage and determination to find out who was behind is imprisonment and revenge is high on his agenda! This is where the movie starts. I shall say no more!

The the cinematography used in Oldboy is amazing. Well directed, acted and scripted. The film is ultra violent … in a classy kind of way!

A must watch!


Thanks for reading.


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