A recent study was conducted a few months ago that revealed the following:

Here are some of the commonly observed trends regarding online dating, presented in the form of statistics. Approximately 20 million people use  online dating services. The following statistics provide information about the Internet usage patterns of these users.


  • General Information
    • Married couples who met online have an average courtship period of 18.5 months. Married couples who met offline courtship period last on average 42 months. [2]
    • The Better Business Bureau in the US said in 2009 they received 2,660 compaints about dating services. In 2005 they received 824 and only 126 in 2004. [3]
    • The online dating industry is now worth $4 billion worldwide. [4]
    • In 2010 it is estimated that Craigslist will earn $122 million with $88 to $99 million being profit. The Adult Services listings make up 30 percent of the revenue. [5]
    • In the last year 17% of couples who married met on a dating site. [6]
    • 1 in 5 singles have dated someone they met on a dating site. [6]
    • 1 in 5 singles are currently in a committed relationship with someone they met on a dating site. [6]
    • There is an estimated 22.6 million single Catholics in the U.S. [10]
    • The top 3 religions where both the man and the woman in a married couple are from the same religion are: Hindus (90%), Mormons (83%), and Catholics (78%) [10]
    • In 1960, 88% of men aged 35-44 were married, for women it was 87%. By 2007 this percentage had fallen to 69% for men and 72% for women. [10]
    • According to mobile research group Ground Truth, mobile dating saw a 92% increase in users since the summer began. [16]
    • The average user of a mobile phone spends 12 minutes and 44 seconds on mobile dating sites per week. [18]
    • According to Ground Truth, Flirtomatic was the #1 visited dating site this summer through a mobile phone. Match.com was ranked 7th and eHarmony was 17th. [18]
    • Juniper estimates that the overall mobile dating sector will grow to $1.4 billion worldwide by 2013. [20]
  • North America
    • Women who marry a younger men suffer from a 20% increase in mortality rates when compared to marrying someone with a similar age. [7]
    • 22% of Women age 30 to 44 make more money than their husbands. In 1970 this figure was at 4%. [7]
    • Women on average wait until they are 26 to marry. For men it is 28. [9]
    • In the United States there are 51 million smartphone subscribers. [12]
    • On the mobile phone, application use and surfing the internet increased by over 110% in 2009. [12]
    • Texting generated $80 billion of revenue in 2009 and is projected to generate $126 billion by 2014. [12]
    • Online dating nationwide increased 15% from May 2009 to May 2010. In the Bay area (San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland) it increased 22% in the same period of time. [14]
    • New York State passes an Internet Dating Safety Act. It is the second state to do so. [17]
    • Traffic to dating sites in the U.S. rose over 13 percent in 12 months, ending in July. Internet use only increased by 9%. [19]
  • Australia
    • Growth predicted by IBISWorld for the dating industry may reach 10 percent in 2010 to $100 million AUD from subscriptions and advertising. [1]
    • Currently there are about 1.5 million online dating accounts in Australia. This is expected to increase to almost 2 million by 2020. [1]
    • The Australian Competition & Consumers Commission (ACCC) released statistics showing that people reported 550 online dating scams in 2009. This is an increase of 30 percent from 2008. [8]
  • China
    • As of June 15, 2010 China’s soldiers are not allowed to use online dating sites. [11]
  • Japan
    • Fukui Marriage-Hunting Café is the government’s new online dating site for Japanese singles. This is a free service aimed at increasing Japan’s fertility rate of 1.34 children per woman. [15]
  • United Kingdom
    • Someone who has had private education is twice as likely to cheat on their spouse. [13]
    • The volume of Google searches on mobile devices related to dating grew by 215% YoY [‘Year Over Year’] since 2008. [20]
    • Google research has found that searches from laptops and desktop computers for “mobile dating” and “text dating” have grown over 72% YoY. [20]


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