Hello Mr Tarboosh,

I am have been going out with a woman from work for the past 3 months now. We have a lot of fun together  and I feel we have a romantic connection between us. I was thinking of proposing to her when all of a sudden, she said we are not working out and we should stay as FRIENDS only. She is now going out with a guy who is not even half as nice to her as I was! I treated her much better then him! I am confused!

How do you interpret her behaviour?  Any chance to get her back?

Thank you for your advice.

Khalid, USA


Mr Tarboosh Response

Hello Khalid,

Let’s start with the definition of the word “nice,”.  This word is a combination of 3 words “wws” , Weak, Wimpy, Submissive. wws is a guy who tends to behave in a wimpish, submissive, weak, and needy way.

The problem with being a “WWS” is that women are never attracted to weakness.
Never, ever, EVER!

Now, a woman might marry a WWS guy because  he’s either “nice” or the only thing she can find,  or maybe he is rich! But the thing is, she’ll never feel genuine attraction for him because nice guys always finish last!

Remember, she is not trying to hurt you. She just really like the bad boy type. A lot of women do.

The solution:

  • STOP emailing/talking/thinking about her. STOP being a wws!
  • START going out with other women. NOT all women are looking for the bad/jerk boy type!
  • SLAP yourself! If you find yourself thinking about her, just slap your self or even better, have a friend slap you!

And if she ever calls you, tell her you are busy with a hot date and you gotta go!

If you do not want to finish last, you will have to stop being a “nice” guy!


Mr Tarboosh

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