Dear Mr Tarboosh

I saw your url on araboosh blog and it said that you give advice on relationship matters.right?

I’m 22 this year and I just broke up with my 1 year fiancee. The reason is he still dreams of his ex (which the relationship ended 3yrs ago and only lasted 3 months) and he is always going on about how good looking she was!

I am begining to think he does not find me as attrative. He’s already 338 this year. He have a lot of female friends on his facebook page. He like girls who are pretty and most importantly think.

What should I do? I’m very depressed and confused.

Need your advice on this..



Dear K,

Welcome to Araboosh. You sound like a great woman who deserves a great man, and your fiancee is a loser! I know a loser from a mile because I used to be one!

He is one of those online playas that can not be trusted. Every woman needs Love, Honesty and Stability in  a relationship. Your fiancee has non of those. Only pain is what he offers.

Women tend to have this illusion hoping that a man will change his bad habits or lifestyle or even life priorities for her. It will never happen. A dog is a dog.

Keep yourself busy, sign up for activities to make more friends.

How about changing a certain part of your lifestyle just to have a refreshing start? If you aren’t into exercising, pick up one now! Yoga, swimming, gym, running, aerobics etc. Feel how it feels like to do something totally new.

You’re only 22, you have the ability to make the best out of your life. What are you waiting for? Life is too short to stay at home and cry!

There is plenty of fish in the sea! Go fishing!!

أستاذ طربوش

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