CHICAGO — Paul Gutierrez can attest to some pretty bad dating horror stories.

One time, a mail-order bride climbed out a window in the middle of their date. Another time, Gutierrez, 38, says he dressed up like a moose to catch a woman’s attention, to no avail.

Paul looking for a date

Paul looking for a date

Things got so bad that he turned to charitable donations to find his future wife.

The Elgin, Ill., native is offering half of his yearly income for one year, about $10,000 to $20,000, to the person who gets him a date with his future wife. He said he will donate to the charity of the person’s choice, or walk across the country in a wedding dress to raise money for a charitable cause.

Is he kidding? No, he maintains. It’s all true.

“I was on a dating site and I was thinking, ‘This isn’t for me. It’s not going to happen this way,’ ” he said. “So I figured, why not do something good? Hopefully giving half of what I make to charity might make its way to a good cause.”

Gutierrez lists “38 reasons why single women should love me … but somehow don’t,” on his website. He points out in the list that he doesn’t drink or smoke, and he pokes fun at his optimism and mentions his fondness for animals.

“I like animals a lot, and I’m a sucker for stray animals,” Gutierrez said. “I usually try and bring them to a no-kill shelter or something.”

Parts of the list are brutally honest, but Gutierrez said he hopes his future wife is able to laugh at his past mishaps.

“The right one will just laugh at it,” he said. “The number one thing is that they have a sense of humor. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with someone if they couldn’t laugh with me.”

Despite the setbacks of his past dating career, Gutierrez finds little discouragement.

“Even though I joke and make fun of myself, I have a pretty positive attitude,” he said. “It’s hard for people to get me down. Hopefully it will happen after all this.”

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  1. Tamara
    Jun 20, 2011

    Hi Paul how are you? My name is Tamara. I do really like you and i would love to meet you sometime. We have alot in common i love travelling,animals,swimming,music and heaps more. I have been looking for a loving guy who i can marry and be with till i die and move out with and travel with and more but every guy i have met and spoken to has just let me down and made me really upset so i no how you feel hun. I dont go by looks or anything i just would like my partner to have a good personality and i hate drugo and violence i dont smoke or take drugs or drink. I do really like you i think your a cute guy and you sound nice and honest and i hope to meet you sometime and talk to you. love tamara xox

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