Do you remember maps? I’m talking about road maps. Those big, floppy, colorful sheets of paper with cool drawings on them that couldn’t be folded the same way twice. They ae about to join theendangered species list. This is due to the new technology, GPS. This was triggered a few days ago when I was at gas station (petrol station for those on the Island) to buy a map. Only to find out that they removed their entire map kiosk. The owner said they no longer carry maps because no one buys them anymore. I asked why not? He said .. GPS!

People still plan their road trips, but they do it like rats  in a maze. Take a few lefts and a few more rights to get where you want to go but no overview. We just get ordered by a robotic voice where to turn and we blindly oblige.  We’ve lost the big picture.

The other day a GPS on a rented car, told me to make a U Turn .. on an 8 lane highway! And just last week asked me to turn right .. on a bridge over a big river! Thanks to my rebellious personality, I defied the orders!

Now make no mistake, I’m directionally impaired, geographically disoriented, confused by maps, and yet I loved my map and always resisted using a GPS as it is a form of asking directions, which is a big NoNo if you are a man! I guess I will have to warm up to the GPS eventually.

Have we become rats in a maze and lost sight of the overview of life?

I don’t have the answer. Now I have to get back to shopping for a GPS!

Thank you for reading.


2 Responses to MAPS are dead! – Tuesday 19th October

  1. Arabian Cowgirl
    Oct 20, 2010

    I hate technology too but GPS is the only thing I cant do without! Ohh and my iphone too! 🙂

  2. Sam
    Oct 25, 2010

    GPS is a must! With the increasing traffic and expanding roads it is a must have really.

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