1 – What you do if you notice a strange person of the opposite sex to your partner suddenly appear as a “friend” on your partners site….do you question the true intent….or respect your partners space and convince yourself and come to the realisisation that you have issues with jelousy?
2 – What if your partner put an application for are you interested or not…and when confronted responds by saying its nothing but harmless fun, just to boost the ego.
3 -What do you do if you walk past your partner and they suddenly cut conversation with the person they were talking to on fb….is there something to be suspicious of?….or has your partner a right to be scared that you will make an issue about nothing?
What do you do if your partner posts a picture of themselves in a provocative manner…are they being disrespectfull to you or are you just being a prude…
These are just a few issues that have plagued many relationships…has your relationship been affected by fb?…i would be interested to know the extent of this problem….and if you have any thoughts about the points I have brought up…


5 Responses to Is facebook killing relationships!!! Saturday 2nd October

  1. Ibrahim
    Oct 03, 2010

    Blame Mark Zuckerberg for creating this online crack!! No matter how much you try to fight it, You still log into Facebook. I know some people who spend more time on FB than the real world! If you want to avoid jealousy in your relationship, you’ll have to give Facebook a little time off.

    Can you take time off from FB? 🙂

  2. Disco Queen
    Oct 03, 2010

    Okay guys, before you go blaming all of your failed relationships on Facebook, just hold on. If you thought your highschool sweetie was cheating on you because she shared an online farm animal (the game) with a friend, then that green-eyed monster may just exist in your DNA!!

  3. kat
    Oct 03, 2010

    You gave great points here. Facebook can be a source of problems if left unhecked.

  4. Camel Rider
    Oct 05, 2010

    @Discoqueen: FYI studies show that women are twice as likely men to be jealous of facebook. You “women” go all daramatic when we add a female friend. Who/Why/Where blah blah.

  5. Nahar
    Oct 05, 2010

    Q: Why is Facebook an excellent site for crazies?
    A: Because it’s the only place where they can talk to a wall and not be considered a nutcase!! 🙂

    On a serious note Jealousy and Facebook are a real issue in many relationships. I know an egyptian in the States who broke up with his online girlfriend in China because she was jealous of his other online female friend in Russia. Now his ex is has added an online boyfriend in Brazil who has an online ex in Finland who … got the point?

    Crazy cyber world we live in!


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