You know how sometimes you are about to do or say something then forget a second later what it was you were supposed to do or say? Sometimes, I’m in the process of thinking of new idea for a new post for Araboosh blog, then as I open word, I forget what the idea was!  The new idea, whatever it was, is gone.

So Adam, the editor for Araboosh blog calls me ..

Adam: You need to finish writing your post for the blog. You are late!

Me: What blog?

Tom: umm .. Araboosh blog! Remember the idea you sent me yesterday.

Me: ahh …

Uncomfortable silence.

Me: What was it about?

Uncomfortable silence. .. again

Adam: What was what about?

Me: The idea I sent you.

Adam: I think it had the words belly dancer and camel.

Me: ahh … I am sure it will come back to me.

Adam: What will come back to you?

Me: The belly dancer on the camel.

Adam: Please finish it by tomorrow.

Me: okay. Will do!

There is a vitamin that is really good for memory. I just forgot its name!

Ohh well .. back to the belly dancer and the camel.


Thanks for reading.


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