Your profile is your face on dating sites. Thus, you have to put as much attention as possible while creating your profile – this will increase your chances to find your perfect match.


Dating Advice for Women

Lets start with your screen name, or login name as some sites tend to call it. Avoid using the words like ‘xxx’, ‘sexy’, ‘sweet’, ‘hot’ and so on – like ‘sweetlady2012′. I don’t know why, but after 5 years of managing online dating websites I know for sure – this kind of usernames are mostly used by scammers. Instead, you should think if you have a hobby or remind some word that could work as your identity. It should be relevant to you somehow. If you like to go to gym or like to drive Audi, watch baseball or listen to Jimi Hendrix – then you can put these words into your profile name. And probably add some numbers if it has been already taken.

The next big thing is your “about me” field. Never, never and never copy and paste this data from someone else’s profile, even from another dating website. This is very easy to verify, and many sites verify this automatically using Google Search. If you use someone else’s description then this would lower your trust rank. You should try your best to write your own words about yourself. You could say, “hey, i’m not very good at writing essays”, and my answer to you will be very simple: you can describe literally anything that you understand and that you know quite well. If you can’t write about something then you don’t know it well. If you can’t write about your personality, then you are not yet sure which of your personal traits are your strengths and which ones are your weaks. And this is very important to identify before meeting new people for dating. Surely I’m talking about serious relationship. So, if you still have an issue, then just write a row of words which describe you and things that you like and which you are good at. Then, when you have a list of words, you can connect them inbetween with other words, and you will receive a good “about me” description 🙂 Just start right now – this is a half way to success. If you already have “about me” description, then probably this is a good time to take a look at it again and update it, isn’t it? 🙂

The last but not least thing about pictures – avoid putting additional information on your photo, like email address or your telephone number. Otherwise some dating sites may ban your profile.

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