We often hear complaints from professional single women that their online dating efforts have just not been successful. Let’s take a look at that …

Meeting great guys is a challenge for most single women, and when you’re putting in long hours to get ahead in your profession or running a business, the challenge grows even greater. So, it’s little wonder that professional women like the concept of online dating –they completely “get” time management, and because online dating provides a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff, it theoretically offers the best return on time invested.

But, this is not the experience of many professional women. Why is that? Many experts believe the fault lies in both the professional woman’s approach to online dating and the dating sites she selects.

Do you know what you want? Some professional women are looking for a guy who’s also financially successful; they feel it’s too difficult to establish a great long-term relationship with someone who can’t afford to do the things they like or is uncomfortable moving in the same upscale circles. Other professional women are totally fine with a down-to-earth guy, and despite being used to fine dining and luxury vacations, they’re perfectly happy to kick back with pizza and a movie, and feel they can handle any income disparity.

Either approach can work, just as long as you’re clear as to what you want and follow through accordingly. Things are bound to turn out badly if you enter into a relationship with someone not as driven and successful as you are, if that’s really important to you.

Do you approach potential dates as though they were business contracts? Some women focused on a career approach dating as if it were a business problem. It’s not. Dating is about finding someone you can build an emotional relationship with, and ultimately, it’s about love. You may be in the habit of calling the shots during the day, but when it comes to dating, give the guy a chance to court or even romance you. Unplug. Being strong doesn’t mean you have to be in charge all the time.

Are you using the wrong dating service? Dozens of dating sites out there cater to different types of people with different goals. Many are overrun by young singles looking for casual relationships. People on these sites have a tendency to play games and misrepresent themselves.

If your goal is to meet someone you can form a long-term relationship with, then compatibility is key. Why waste time going through the motions with people who ultimately have different goals, psychological make-up, and likes and dislikes?

So, you might as well cut to the chase and select an online dating service that’s efficient and effective in matching you with people you have the greatest chance of succeeding with.

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