I was in a grocery store the other day when I heared someone ask if they had halal fish. A few days later I saw an ad for halal bubble gum. 

Yesterday, one of our members emailed a copy of a page from an Arabic dating website (shall remain nameless) that claimed to have HALAL Chatting/IMs !! Yes HALAL Chatting and IMs. At this point we can see a pattern here. 

Now the fish and the bubble gum was a bit over the top but hala chat is on a whole different planet all together!! 

 I am curious, how can someone provide halal chatting/IMs ?? 

The only thing I could think of was to have an IMAM/Sheikh sit on top of a server (computer) and bless the the chats/IMs going back and forth across the globe!! 

Really now! 

Is there such thing as halal fish/bubble gum or chatting? 

As immigration to the west have gone through the roof, marketing firms realized the word halal was a powerful marketing tool. Recently, two McDonald’s restaurants in Australia switched to halal sources for their meat and their sales doubled!

Halal = $$$.  All you need to say is we have `halal’ and the job is done!

Many however believe the word halal is being used (abused) more and more every day. (halal bubble gum/fish and now chat)

We have to be a bit smarter and not jump on anything with the word halal on it. 


You could be compromising your health/safety and money. Because of the word halal, many will no longer check to see if quality, value or even safety is there.There has been stories of investors losing their money in banks that claimed to be halal.

So my 2 cents is to do your due diligence before buying something only because it claims to be halal! 

I wonder how soon before we start seeing halal pork ???


3 Responses to Halal bubble gum??? – Thursday 18th March

  1. Rosemary
    Mar 20, 2010

    I agree the word halal is becoming a very abused word.We have become that fat attractive cash cow. I liked it better when were just a boring camel!

  2. Soma
    Mar 22, 2010

    Very funny blog! halal chatting .. does mean women wearing hijab when they are on the computer? 🙂

  3. Arabian Knight
    May 10, 2010

    Technically bubblegum can be haram if made from Gelatin. But I agree with the writer that the term halal is being misused.

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