Welcome to this week’s Araboosh blog.  It does seem at the moment I am making excuses every week for shorter blogs, and this week is no exception.

Araboosh projects and launch date, do take up a fair amount of time and with my desire to get Araboosh going soon, the blog is something that will have to take a back seat, albeit temporarily.

Last week’s blog discussed the improtance of (or lack of) your personal ad header. However, there is something more improtant that should be addressed before any word is typed. 

This week’s blog focuses on the F Factor, the Fear Factor.

Fear can stop you from looking for a job, love or even looking in the mirror.

The fear of  rejection can have a damaging effect on relationships, it can cause you to become obsessive, clingy and jealous which can destroy a relationship that has barely begun.

Fear is a chain holding you back from reaching your potential.

It amazes me how most of us are much more able to easily list things we hate about ourselves rather than what we like. I am convienced that is due to the fact we live in captialist society. A society that makes us feel inferior (you are not good looking enough, skinny enough, smart enough, ..blah blah enough so you have the disre to go and buy things they produce and that you really do not need! 

Think about the ads you see on TV, magazines etc. An attractive man/woman using a toothpaste, driving a car, wearing makeup etc ..  with the message, if you use this product, you will become sexy and people will love you!

That is why people feel nervous and develop this fear of rejection becasue we all have been brain washed into thinking we are not good enough!

Once we are aware of this, it will be easier to confront our fear.


You lose your fear by focusing on your curiousty and strength. Think of the little experiences you have had, your first day in school, your first ice cream or your first time on that gigantic roller coaster (minus the embrassing screaming)!

Fear would have made you miss out on all those exeriences and their joy.

Be afraid of not taking chances. Certainly look left and right before crossing the road but do not stand in the middle of the road and freez like a dear caught in headlights, you will get run over by a truck! 

The fear of rejection is an enormus subject that can not be addressed by a single blog. The objective of this blog is to make you aware of its existance and how it may have an effect on relaionships/dating and more often than not, it can effect other aspects beyoned dating.

I will leave you with a simple excercise.

List 10 things friends like about you. For example:  Supportive, fun, caring ..

The point of the excercse is to highlite your positive and give you the confidence you need.

This subject is to be continued at a later date ..


“Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear” – Cheri Huber

4 Responses to Fear of Rejection – Monday 1st March

  1. Kareem
    Mar 02, 2010

    I could not agree more. fear of rejection is something I have always had and wish I did not have 🙁
    your right positive thinking is a good first step.

  2. omar
    Mar 04, 2010

    Try drinking some spirits! That usually gets rid of fear of rejection! 😉

  3. Sameera
    Mar 15, 2010

    I think arab men in general suffer from low self esteem! lol

  4. leila murad
    Mar 28, 2010

    I don’t think its constructive for opposite sex’s to bash each other down.There are good and bad in both sexes.Some arab women also suffer from a low self esteem.
    As they get older and remain unmarried they feel more and more left on the shelf.Arab Society has made them that way because of the expectation that women can be educated but must get married by a certain age.It’s like once they hit 30 they’re done and might aswell go jump off a bridge!.

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