Facebook once again is coming under fire for “quietly” introducing technology to automatically identify people in photos, without their consent!

Facebook’s decision to automatically enable the facial-recognition technology for its users is not a surprise as Facebook seems to care nothing about minor things like PRIVACY!

If you do not want your photos identified, you have to opt out (select no). The problem is, most people are not sure which setting they should choose. A better option would have been to let people opt-in!! Common sense, if I want that feature, I will select it! Instead of me finding out a week later from reading the news that my photos are being violated by Facebook!!

Facebook’s technology, operates by analysing faces across a broad of newly uploaded photos.

Facial recognition technology will ultimately allow you to search for people using just a picture. And that will be the end of privacy as we know it today!! Imagine,  s total stranger can simply take a photo of you or someone in your family on the street, in a resturant, airport with a mobile phone camera, and look everything about you/your family on the internet using a photo.

One word: Creepy!


– Facebook has 600 million members.

– Each day, Facebook’s members upload 200 million photos and Facebook currently hosts over 90 billion photos!!

– Each time you “tag” a photo on Facebook, its facial recognition technology learns more about what that person looks like.

Amazingly enough, people still keep on joining Facebook despite all these PRIVACY concerns!!



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