It is hard to when someone breaks up or gets out of a relationship. The last thing you would be thinking about is falling in love all over again. It is so normal to go through that feeling and it is painful to see someone go through it.

With that said, it should be just a matter of time before you can love again and be ready for a relationship and perhaps it is a much better the your previous one.

Here are some tips and good information that will help guide you build your next love relationship:

Free Yourself

The average person falls in love seven times prior to marriage. Does this shock you? I bet you’re thinking, “Wow, seven times, that’s a lot! I haven’t been in love that many times.” You’re not alone. I have yet to find someone who can attest to this figure. Interestingly enough, what I have found is that most people rarely, if ever, have been in love. Moreover, many believe that love is not even possible for them. The most popular response I received when I tweeted that statistic was, “Paul, I have only been in love once and don’t think I can love again.” Perhaps they’ve been hurt, burned bad by someone in their past, and something inside just doesn’t want to become vulnerable again to love’s ways. I am dedicating this post to everyone (men and women) who do not believe that love after loss is possible. I am here to tell you it is! These 12 steps will lead you to love again.

You can’t love again until you heal the pain that your lost love inflicted. Grieve, and as you do, you will become more emotionally healthy. 

Consider a Therapist

Therapy saves and changes lives, period. If you are having a particularly hard time with the grieving process, a good therapist can guide you through. Feel free to contact me for therapist referrals anytime.

Recognize That You Thrive From Love

Loving others is critical to our human existence. It is important to understand that without love, life will never feel full.

Accept Who You Are

Accepting all parts of you gives you ownership of your journey and the power to decide what stays, what goes, and what can evolve.

Decide Love Is Worth the Risk

The fear of loving again and losing again is a real risk. However, can you afford to keep your heart closed?

Surrender the Old You

Identify the emotional obstacles in your present life and commit to remove them. Appreciate your past but rejoice in the possibilities of the future.

Love Yourself

The more you love yourself, the more likely you are to attract a person who is emotionally healthy.

Nurture Yourself

Self-nurturing is the basic foundation of building the Self. Be kind to yourself, daily!

Know the Type of Love You Want

Think about your next relationship. Set a standard for what you are seeking and what you will not accept.

Be Proactive in Your Happiness

Get out. Go out. Go to all the places you personally enjoy. Don’t obsess that “singles” are not there, this step is about you.

Open Yourself to the Possibilities

Remain open to new possibilities and you will become a magnet for greater opportunities.

Ease Into New Relationships Slowly

It is impossible to replace your lost love. Instead, allow new love to grow and blossom in its own way (on its own time).


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