Since dawn,  many women have complained about men not being sensitive/loving/caring enough. Today, your paryers have been answered! The answer is called ..


Oxytocin (known as the cuddle hormon) is a spray that makes men more affectionate and in tune with a woman’s feelings and helps them get intouch with their .. feminine side!   


Oxytocin is a natural body hormone that is released into the woman’s blood during labour,  triggering the production of breast milk ..


So does that mean men will be doing the breast feeding now? Not all (not yet anyhow). However, men  who had been sprayed with oxytocin in a study, reached high levels of sensitivity usually only found in women who have been watching Operah for 6 years!

According to the study, the chemical can make a man “feel”  like a woman. (reminds of me of a song ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman‘  by Shania Twain). So now macho men will turn into cuddling lovey dovey bird after a few sprays.

Another study carried on rats showed that after a few sprays, Mickey Mouse will turn into Mini Mouse and start doing the laundry, cooking and vacuming!

The “cuddle hormone” can have impact beyond the home.

Imagine ..

The UN delegates get a few sprays. Next thing you know, the American and Iranian delegates go from a heated accusing exchanges to complimenting eachother’s outfits and exchanging cooking recipes and latest art galleries!

Imagine ..

Wild football crowds sprayed ..

Violent street protesters sprayed ..

Whole troublesome nations sprayed ..

Now you can see some of the more serious implications that only someone with vision, an xbox and no girl friend/wife can see!

So the motto of the story is ..

Men do try to be more sensitive to your women, because if you don’t,  one night you might go to bed 3unter (عنتر) and wake up 3abla (عبلة)!  

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Or you can watch this interesting video! (we should have another post to discuss his goattee!)

So what do you think, do we need that spray?

Thank you for reading.    


24 Responses to Cuddle Spray – Thursday 6th May

  1. Ibrahim
    May 06, 2010

    hahaha. I thought this was the funniest post till I realized you were not kidding! That spray exists! This is scarry and I hope my future wife will never hear of such thing!!!!!!!!

  2. Camel Rider
    May 06, 2010

    Why would a woman want to spray her man with a hormone to change his personality?? If a woman wants a man with woman’s sensitivities then she should date another woman!

    Now if someone came up with a hormone to spray on women to stop them from nagging you to death then there would be world peace!

  3. Kamal
    May 06, 2010

    World watch out! this is Feminism in a bottle!

  4. Disco Queen
    May 06, 2010

    @Camel Rider: only a sexiest male would make such a comment like yours. But what do you expect from a man who calls himself camel rider! I bet camels will be the only thing you are socialising with in this life time!

  5. Egyptian Gigolo
    May 06, 2010

    cuddle spray!!! what will they come up with next??? Do house work spray???
    Egyptian Gigolo

  6. Jameela
    May 06, 2010

    It is about time that someone came up with an invention to make men more human 🙂

  7. khalid
    May 07, 2010

    I bet the inventor of this spray is a WOMAN! lol

  8. Camel Rider
    May 07, 2010

    disco queen: obviously from your name you are still living in the 80s. I was only expressing my opinion and till they have a spray that takes it way from us, I will continue to do so. You are also wrong, my social circle goes beyond camels. Although choosing between your company and a camel, the camel will win any time of day!

  9. Khalid
    May 07, 2010

    Disco Queen and Camel Rider: I sense you two have the begining of a true love relaionship. 😉

  10. Sam
    May 07, 2010

    How about a spray that makes some of these masculine women more feminine.

  11. Coleen
    May 07, 2010

    I really need this spray for my husband. can it be bought online? 🙂

  12. Bluebird
    May 07, 2010

    I strongly disagree with the idea of this spray. Not all men unromantic aps. If you have reahced a point where you need a spray to have your man cuddle you then you really have some serious issues with your relationship.

  13. Carla
    May 08, 2010

    I hope that women reading this know there is more to a happy relationship than a just spray.

    Some amusing articles on this blog! 🙂

  14. سمير
    May 10, 2010

    يقول المثل: البيت الذي تمارس فيه الدجاجة عمل الديك يصير إلى الخراب

  15. Egyptian Footballer
    May 11, 2010

    this reminds me of the stepford wives movie. Here it would be the stepford husbands!

  16. Arabic Woman
    May 17, 2010

    More feminizing of our men is all we need right now! Our young men are already becoming feminine. Just look around you. What we need is a spray that turns our men back into strong, protective, hard working and emotionless warriors like the old days when we once ruled the world!

    I’m sick and tired of the eyebrow waxing, tight pants wearing, manicure getting, girlie men with long curly hair we have these days!


  17. Mr Girgis
    May 17, 2010

    If someone came out and said we have new a hormone to make women calmer and more logical … you would never hear the end of the outrage from womens groups. lol
    Mr Girgis

  18. Sam
    May 17, 2010

    so one night you wake up and there is a burglar inside your home. You wake up your husband, honey wak up there is a burglar outside. He screams and hides under the bed. Only then you remember you have just given him the cuddle spary before you went to bed and now he turned into this wimpy kitten!

  19. Egyptian Gigolo
    Jun 02, 2010

    This is one spray I will never buy!

  20. Hooria
    Oct 06, 2010

    cuddle spray = domisticated men!!

  21. Mazen
    Oct 07, 2010

    Just wanted to give you a quick shout from Detroit MI, great post. Love your blog!!


  22. Rio
    Oct 07, 2010

    Hey, I recently started reading your blog – Love it!
    Keep up the good work. I’m now subscribed to the RSS feed, so thanks!

  23. Hani
    Oct 09, 2010

    i bet they want to sell this in middle east to make men weaker.

  24. PPT
    Jul 19, 2011

    Passion in one’s true talent is impressive. Writers today usually have little passion about what they write, but you are a unique and great writer. I am glad to see that writers like you exist.

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