I have a very strong opinion about this subject…hee hee…and id like to share it with you!…What are crop circles?…they are in most cases highly sophisticated designs that appear over night in arable farms, , snow and deserts. In most cases many are man made, but not all are necessarily fakes..Two elderly gentleman apparently came up with this fantastic idea from their potting shed…yet when you look at their design it is highly sophisticated and unless in my humble opinion you have had some design background (which they did not) then i cant help feeling there is something more then meets the eye. could it be a case of devine intervention?..or auto suggestion from a superior intellegent life form?..Sure there are tonnes of hoaxes..but the ones im realy interested in are the ones that realy can not be fully explained. However I have a theory….if they are for real.

what could they represent?…i think the clues are in the Nazcaa  lines of Peru… archiologists more or less agree that these were made to point to sources of water in the desert and each source of water that the animal pointed too was named after it ..in essence  “the source of life”!…..Its just my opinion..:)))


2 Responses to crop circles… mumbo jumbo or….. – Friday 8th October

  1. Malik
    Oct 08, 2010

    The Crop Circles phenomenon is someones message. But who is this someone? Why are we unable to see the maker of this phenomenon? Is he or it hiding?

  2. Sam
    Oct 10, 2010

    I thought most of there turned out to be hoaxes?

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