it clearly states that “smoking kills”. Yet this legal product has claimed many lives. Yet it is endorsed by governments whom are supposed to be looking after our well being for financial gains!.. surely this is a clear cut case of genocide. Sure we have the choice to not smoke.. But those that do fall […]

My mission in life amongst other things is to make the world a better place!… So let’s start with how to de-seed the pomigranite in thirty seconds… You need a knife, a table spoon… And a pomigranite. Slice the pomigranite in half. Turn one half with the exposed seeds facing down in the palm of […]

David Attomborough is one of my heros!… I once watched a documentry that blew my mind…and got me thinking..(be afraid be very afraid!…:) He was reporting from the Amazon jungle, he showed a single leaf with a droplet of water which in turn magnified the intesty of the heat of the sun on the ground. […]

I’ve seen some very strange things in my time.. In time I will share them with you.. The following story happened to a friend of mine… I know a young student of medicine that was convinced her house was haunted.. I went to see it and sure enough the was an uneasy ambience in the […]

So you think you can’t draw?… Try this and see what happens..It only takes a minute.. Before I let you into a little makes me smile when people say they cant draw.. Yet we paint and draw on our faces.. Colour co ordinate our cloths and use our bodies as canvases.. Then show the […]

I have a very strong opinion about this subject…hee hee…and id like to share it with you!…What are crop circles?…they are in most cases highly sophisticated designs that appear over night in arable farms, , snow and deserts. In most cases many are man made, but not all are necessarily fakes..Two elderly gentleman apparently came […]

I am passionate about Art…I once took a friend to the Tate modern in london. and came across a blank canvas!…My friends reaction was hardly surprising. He scoffed at it and walked away…But through an artists eye it all made sense. Modern art was born out of a reaction to the birth of the camera. the art […]

1 – What you do if you notice a strange person of the opposite sex to your partner suddenly appear as a “friend” on your partners site….do you question the true intent….or respect your partners space and convince yourself and come to the realisisation that you have issues with jelousy? 2 – What if your […]