واحدعنده مزرعة فراخ.. دخل المزرعة لقي كل فرخة بايضة بيضة واحدة بس.. مسك فرخة من رجليها ونتف ريشها وقطعها.. وقال للفراخ اللي مش هتجيب بكرة خمس    بيضات هقطعها زي الفرخة دي.. تاني يوم لقي كل الفراخ بايضة خمس بيضات ماعدا فرخة بايضة تلات بيضات بس.. فقالها ايه ده ؟؟ قالت له استر علي ده انا ديييييييييييك.

  Forgot to de-friend your wife on Facebook while posting vacation shots of your mistress? Her divorce lawyer will be thrilled. Oversharing on social networks has led to an overabundance of evidence in divorce cases. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says 81 percent of its members have used or faced evidence plucked from Facebook, […]

In a study from Germany, researchers reported that drinking water boosts your body’s calorie burning rate by 30%. Ten minutes after 14 men and women drank just over a pint of water, their metabolism sped up, and within 40 minutes, it reached a peak burning stage that lasted more than one hour. Since the metabolism […]

An interesting debate in Egyptian politics is taking place. It is not about elections. It is about Virginity! The debate is about a new Japanese Hymen’ kit that makes women, a born again virgin. Politicians want to ban it in the country, calling it a “mark of shame”. Many religious scholars  say the product encourages illicit sexual behavious. However, many […]

By Woman’s Day You’ve got your daily beauty regimen down to a science: wash, rinse, repeat. Your attention to every pore is immaculate, yet why oh why does it seem that, despite all that pampering, your looks are lacking luster? Unbeknownst to you, a few faux pas may be foiling your grooming routine. Here are […]

I’ve seen some very strange things in my time.. In time I will share them with you.. The following story happened to a friend of mine… I know a young student of medicine that was convinced her house was haunted.. I went to see it and sure enough the was an uneasy ambience in the […]

This is a very good article. Those who are still single may learn something from… here… Those who are already married or in a commitment may take it as a guideline to improve your marriage & relationship … DID I MARRY THE RIGHT PERSON? During one of our Araboosh.com seminars, a woman asked a common […]

So you think you can’t draw?… Try this and see what happens..It only takes a minute.. Before I let you into a little secret..it makes me smile when people say they cant draw.. Yet we paint and draw on our faces.. Colour co ordinate our cloths and use our bodies as canvases.. Then show the […]

I am one of those fierce feminists! Still, I in no way think men are better than women, I also do not think that women are better than men. However, I had to post our own top 20 rebuttal to Mr Tarboosh’s list of why men are “happier” than women! 🙂   So here goes:   1. the kitchen is all ours.   […]

60 seconds news

We all agree, it takes too much time to read the news! So every week in this space, 60 seconds news, we are going to take a look at the world news and offer our own blend of insensitive commentary, clueless analysis, and poor taste jokes! In the 60 seconds news, we will provide you […]

Someone said, we should write about fashion. So here is I guess our first fashion news that combines a bit of high tech! A dress developed that doubles as a cellphone using gesture recognition software has been developed by a UK based company. The dress allows a wearer to insert a SIM card under the […]

I have a very strong opinion about this subject…hee hee…and id like to share it with you!…What are crop circles?…they are in most cases highly sophisticated designs that appear over night in arable farms, , snow and deserts. In most cases many are man made, but not all are necessarily fakes..Two elderly gentleman apparently came […]

I have been meaning to get in shape, actually have been meaning that for past 3 years. So I figured it is about time. I wanted to start slow so I don’t injure muscles I don’t even have yet! So a friend recommended I try yoga. Many will mistaken that for Yoda from star wars […]

I am passionate about Art…I once took a friend to the Tate modern in london. and came across a blank canvas!…My friends reaction was hardly surprising. He scoffed at it and walked away…But through an artists eye it all made sense. Modern art was born out of a reaction to the birth of the camera. the art […]

أجمل امرأة هي المرأة التي ترتعد كلمات الحب على شفتيها المرأة تكره الرجل الغيور وتكره أكثر من لا يغار عليها إذا أحبت المرأة الرجل لم تذل رجولته ابدآ في الحب تنسى المرأة كرامتها.. وفي الغيرة تنسى حبها النار أن تحبك امرأة غيورة .. والجحيم أن تحبها أنت المرأة لا تولد شريرة .. وإنما تصبح كذلك […]

This is not a joke. The European Union Court of Justice has ruled that working fathers in Spain have the same right to breastfeeding leave as do moms!! Now men can no longer complain about women getting an easy ride. Of course now, people at work might ask: where you going? And you respond: I […]

حركات جسد الأنثى1- إذا المرأة حاولت جذب انتباه الرجل, فهذا يعني أنها مهتمة أو معجبة فيه. 2- إذا المرأة جلست موجهة أقدام أرجلها باتجاه الرجل, فهذا يعني أنها تملك مشاعر ناعمة تجاهه. 3- إذا المرأة استمرت باللعب بشعرها أمام الرجل فهذا بالتأكيد يدل على إعجابها به. 4- إذا المرأة اثناء كلامها مع الرجل كانت تلعب […]

Why men are happier than women: 1. We keep our last name.  2. We can walk around topless. 3. Chocolate is just a snack.  4. We can go out without combing our hair. 5. Car mechanics tell us the truth. 6. We never have to drive to another gas station because this one’s bathroom is  just too […]

1 – What you do if you notice a strange person of the opposite sex to your partner suddenly appear as a “friend” on your partners site….do you question the true intent….or respect your partners space and convince yourself and come to the realisisation that you have issues with jelousy? 2 – What if your […]

وجود مادة الكافيين في الشوكولاته يشكل منشطا للجهاز العصبي ما يعطيه احساسا بالراحة والهدوء. من المعروف أن النساء والفتيات يعشقن الشوكولا بدرجة كبيرة ويشعرن برغبة ملحة في تناولها بعد كل وجبة على الأقل، وخصوصا بعد وجبة الإفطار للحصول على إحساس فوري بالهدوء والسعادة، ولكن ما هو سر هذا الغرام الكبير بهذه الحلوى؟ أوضح أخصائيو التغذية […]

المرأة مخلـوق يتمتـع بميـزة الأنوثــة، وهذا من مميزات جمالها ، جمال لا نراه ولا نلمسه، لكن نشعر به من أدقّ تفاصيلها وتصرفاتها، بهمساتها.. حنانها.. طباعها.. وغيرها الكثير الذي يدوي صدى مميزاً نستشعره بصمت ليقول: أنا أنثى بكل معنى الكلمة المرأة تجذب الرجل بأنوثتها التي يولي لها اهتماماً خاصاً، لأنها تشعره برجولته، وكلما زادت أنوثتها، شعر […]

…  هذا إعلان في مصر وليس نكتة  ‏​‏​‎​​تفرغ للصيام وخلي الدعاء علينا .. للحصول على دعوات خاصة ارسل على حساب رقم   0201-3969-xxxx    1000 جنيه ندعي لك قبل اذان المغرب. ‏1500 جنيه ندعي لك قبل المغرب مع بكاء. ‏2000 جنيه ندعي لك آخر الليل وقبل الفجر مع بكاء ايضا وخشوع   ولا يفوتك العرض الخاص فقط 4000 […]

I’m a good looking Arabic man (not many of us around) and sometimes that is tough. I do not understand these women who stare at me from a distance  like I am some kind of a shawerma sandwich! Why not just ask me out instead of playing all these kiddy games? Man, every day I run […]

جماعة مدرسين حساب على إنجليزي أعدين بيحششو واحد قال: كابسة..! في صوت بوليس جاي.! سامعين؟ راح رد عليه مدرس الحساب و قاله: آه سامعين و تمنين و تسعين.  راح مسرخ فيهم و قالهم: اعملوا حاجة…دول زنأونة رد عليه مدرس الحساب التاني و قاله، زنأونة و زنى تانية و زنى تالتة أخذهم البوليس للقسم، في الطريق […]