Greetings all. Like many of you, I am disappointed with the contents (or lack of) that is added regularly and in spite of the seeming neglect towards this main blog, Araboosh as a site is still exceptionally very active with members joining daily. As a contributing member, I am still involved in a limited capacity in review and writing role.This is […]

You know how sometimes you are about to do or say something then forget a second later what it was you were supposed to do or say? Sometimes, I’m in the process of thinking of new idea for a new post for Araboosh blog, then as I open word, I forget what the idea was!  The new […]

US vs UK

Having lived on both sides of the Atlantic, allows me the opportunity to make some comparisons with substantive observations. The Constitution: The US declaration of independence and the foundation of society. The US is called the land of opportunity. Britain,on the other hand, has an ancient relic system with hereditary monarchy, a rebel church and a society in which people are […]

I have read some disturbing news today! Ready? New Barry Manilow album inspired by … Britney Spears!! It is like saying Abdul Haleem Hafez was inspired by Sha3ban Abul Reheem!!! What is the world coming to!! Read more: Here

Facebook once again is coming under fire for “quietly” introducing technology to automatically identify people in photos, without their consent! Facebook’s decision to automatically enable the facial-recognition technology for its users

You are probably wondering what on Earth does the title mean?? The answer is found here They say men are big kids with expensive toys. Do you agree?   Thanks for reading. Nahar

Araboosh Tutorials

A few readers have asked us why we don’t have a Questions and Answers which is a column where members send questions for our experts to answer. And our response is what  experts?! Anyway ..

Just when you think you have seen it all, something new hits you in the face! Humans will marry robots by year 2050!! Huh??? Robots???

Friends claim that I am unfair to Facebook because I have described it as a jungle of weed shared among people with empty lives. Of course  evidence to support my theory has been unscientific at best and based mostly on my occasional visit to FB (yes like every body else that hates Facebook, I have an account there!)  Now,  that has […]

Do you remember maps? I’m talking about road maps. Those big, floppy, colorful sheets of paper with cool drawings on them that couldn’t be folded the same way twice. They ae about to join theendangered species list. This is due to the new technology, GPS. This was triggered a few days ago when I was at gas station (petrol […]

60 Seconds News

(Page2Live)  Palm Beach, US: Sarah Palin declared “I’ll run for president if the American people want me to!” Our take on it: Unconfirmed rumores has it that PeeWee Herman will be her running mate! For those who are not familiar with (PeeWee) —————————————————————————— (MSNBC) Israel: Women seducing the enemy in order to get information has received the blessing of […]

60 seconds news

We all agree, it takes too much time to read the news! So every week in this space, 60 seconds news, we are going to take a look at the world news and offer our own blend of insensitive commentary, clueless analysis, and poor taste jokes! In the 60 seconds news, we will provide you […]

Someone said, we should write about fashion. So here is I guess our first fashion news that combines a bit of high tech! A dress developed that doubles as a cellphone using gesture recognition software has been developed by a UK based company. The dress allows a wearer to insert a SIM card under the […]

This is not a joke. The European Union Court of Justice has ruled that working fathers in Spain have the same right to breastfeeding leave as do moms!! Now men can no longer complain about women getting an easy ride. Of course now, people at work might ask: where you going? And you respond: I […]

Now that the world Cup is over, the spell holding men over is broken, according to many women. One of the most common complaints about men, is that they often seem to have a stronger relationship with their favorite football team than with their wife. This seems very puzzling to many women. So today, I shall […]

I was going to write about the new tax increase and how it will effect the world economy and daily life of average citizens but then I came to the conclusion that there was more exciting stuff to talk about .. like LICE   (قمل) Some will never forgive & forget and they will always feel the need to seek […]

Recently, I have taken a flight through London’s Heathrow Airport.  In this ocassion, I have experienced something new I might go as far as calling it a significant emotional event! What was it you ask? No, it was not using the public bathroom.  I have just finished going through the security check where you put all of your […]

Since dawn,  many women have complained about men not being sensitive/loving/caring enough. Today, your paryers have been answered! The answer is called .. oxytocin! Oxytocin (known as the cuddle hormon) is a spray that makes men more affectionate and in tune with a woman’s feelings and helps them get intouch with their .. feminine side!    Huh? Oxytocin is […]

One of our members (Khalid) sent us this interesting funny photo of a book store in HongKong. For those who do not get it right away .. read the 2nd and 3rd word together. I wonder if the owner knows about the name of his store? Either way, it is a creative way to get your […]

Today, we are proud to unleash .. I mean introduce  two new members of our Araboosh team, Nichole and Adam. Nicole columns will cover the women’s prospective, covering areas such as fashion, relationships and other relevant subjects that men do not know anything about. Adam is our techie and he will post about geeky umm I mean techie (sorry […]

It has been a while since I have been to Cairo, so I have decided it was time for a visit. Obviously I did not realise how looooong it has been till it was time to cross a main road in downtown Cairo and ohh boy was I in for a surprise! First of, let me describe […]

Yesterday, I mentioned the ending of the TV show 24 by FOX (must have ran out of Arabic looking actors to kill on show!). Now FOX has a new warning about new methods terrorists are coming up with. What you ask? You will not believe me as I did not believe it myself when I have read […]

If there is one TV show that has gotton under many Arabs and Muslims skin, it is the FOX TV show 24. Many viewed it as a pro-torture, anti–Muslim propaganda by FOX. It was a show  that could have easily and deservdly won the award for the dumbest show in the world! That show is no […]

Welcome to this week’s post. A couple of members posted a question out of legitimate concern. It seems a leading Arabic Dating site is advertising on Israeli newspapers and the concern/question was if we would ever follow in the same footsteps. To be honest, I was surprised when I have heared this. So I did my own […]