Everyone says it is time to get married! So I have joined online dating and recently Araboosh looking for a possible wife. After going through thousands of posts hoping to find my dream woman for the past 3 months now, I’ve noticed a common theme in posts. So I would like to take a minute to sum it up so you know […]

Hello Mr Tarboosh, I am have been going out with a woman from work for the past 3 months now. We have a lot of fun together  and I feel we have a romantic connection between us. I was thinking of proposing to her when all of a sudden, she said we are not working out and […]

I have been meaning to get in shape, actually have been meaning that for past 3 years. So I figured it is about time. I wanted to start slow so I don’t injure muscles I don’t even have yet! So a friend recommended I try yoga. Many will mistaken that for Yoda from star wars […]

Why men are happier than women: 1. We keep our last name.  2. We can walk around topless. 3. Chocolate is just a snack.  4. We can go out without combing our hair. 5. Car mechanics tell us the truth. 6. We never have to drive to another gas station because this one’s bathroom is  just too […]

…  هذا إعلان في مصر وليس نكتة  ‏​‏​‎​​تفرغ للصيام وخلي الدعاء علينا .. للحصول على دعوات خاصة ارسل على حساب رقم   0201-3969-xxxx    1000 جنيه ندعي لك قبل اذان المغرب. ‏1500 جنيه ندعي لك قبل المغرب مع بكاء. ‏2000 جنيه ندعي لك آخر الليل وقبل الفجر مع بكاء ايضا وخشوع   ولا يفوتك العرض الخاص فقط 4000 […]

I’m a good looking Arabic man (not many of us around) and sometimes that is tough. I do not understand these women who stare at me from a distance  like I am some kind of a shawerma sandwich! Why not just ask me out instead of playing all these kiddy games? Man, every day I run […]

جماعة مدرسين حساب على إنجليزي أعدين بيحششو واحد قال: كابسة..! في صوت بوليس جاي.! سامعين؟ راح رد عليه مدرس الحساب و قاله: آه سامعين و تمنين و تسعين.  راح مسرخ فيهم و قالهم: اعملوا حاجة…دول زنأونة رد عليه مدرس الحساب التاني و قاله، زنأونة و زنى تانية و زنى تالتة أخذهم البوليس للقسم، في الطريق […]