RIM enters the tablet market with a BANG …  After of endless weeks rumores and speculation, RIM has finally lifted the curtain on the BlackBerry tablet called the PlayBook.  The PlayBook will feature a 7-inch LCD screen and will be capable of playing and recording 1080p HD video. It has 2 cameras one of the front and another on the […]

A few days ago I went to see the movie Robin Hood and it was an interesting experience as I got to learn more about an east  European language than actually watch the movie! The movie theater was packed and I happened to sit behind an east European couple. The wife obviously did not speak […]

    The flying iPhone drone I have been asked to share any relevant hightech news. I am not sure how many follow the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) news – but I am a devoted follower due to the future high tech stuff it reveals every year. iPhone is the latest must have and there are many […]