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Relationship Tips Straight From Guys’ Mouths

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

“I feel like I am always wooing my girl but it doesn’t happen the other way around. I bring her flowers often. I wish occasionally she’d surprise me with a six-pack or my favorite dessert.”
— Dustin, 25   (more…)

Way to make him or her to like you more

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Sure, being good-looking and charming will certainly make you more of a catch. But there’s an even more crucial component to attracting others that’s so simple we almost feel weird saying it: Make your date feel good-looking and charming. Do that, and trust us, this person will be back for more. In a day and age when the romantic options out there are seemingly endless, it’s easy to feel like just a number. Prove you think the cutie sitting across from you is one of a kind, and it can make a huge difference. Only how do you make someone feel, well, special? It’s not as hard as you think—just try some of these tips and watch your love interest light up.

Flattery strategy #1: Get specific
Since online daters often feel like they’re just one in a parade of people having coffee with you, demonstrate a genuine interest in your date to help erase that fear. “We studied the relation between reciprocity and romance and found that if someone thinks you’re attracted to them, it increases their attraction to you,” says Eli Finkel, Ph.D, psychology professor at Northwestern University. On the other hand, “If someone’s attracted to you but they get the sense

Signs of Stress and how to deal with stress

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

In his recent book, “On the Brink,” former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson admits to getting so stressed out during the height of the 2008 financial meltdown that he would start to dry-heave, sometimes in private and other times in front of congressmen and staffers. Paulson isn’t alone. Physical symptoms of stress, such as dry heaving, can manifest themselves in weird ways when the affairs of life get too overwhelming. And sometimes, you may not even realize that stress is the cause.

1. Vomiting: As Paulson found out, dry-heaving (or retching, in medical terminology) is one way that stress can rear its ugly head. But it’s more often a sign of anxiety. Stress and anxiety can also trigger vomiting and a condition called “cyclic vomiting syndrome,” a condition in which people experience nausea and vomiting over an extended period of time — often, starting at the same time every day. Dealing with anxiety-induced dry heaves or vomiting starts with getting plenty of rest and drinking water (vomiting can cause a loss of electrolytes), and then finding ways to calm down or eliminate the source of your stress, such as practicing walking meditation.

How to Attract Better Guys

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

This past year, gorgeous actress Anne Hathaway’s relationship with Rafaello Follieri famously crashed and burned when he was exposed as a con man.

In fairness to Anne, it’s not always easy to tell whether a dude’s truly charming and sweet or putting on an act. (more…)

Interesting Questions to Ask A Girl

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Interacting with girls requires you to ask some good questions to strike a conversation. Such questions prove to be useful as icebreakers and also to take the relationship ahead. To get into a conversation, however, it is necessary to make the person comfortable enough to answer the dating questions easily, without hesitation. Get more information on conversation starters. Let us have a look at some of really interesting questions to ask a girl. Here are few dating questions (more…)

Interesting Questions to Ask A Guy

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

When a guy asks you out for a date, you may be wondering what to say to him. There are several questions to ask a guy, so as to start a conversation, but you need to know the right questions to ask. When you ask dating conversation questions, there is a likelihood that you would get a glimpse of his character. However, you also need to remember that the kind of questions you ask, gives an indication of your character and your outlook towards life. For both the girl and guy, asking proper questions can help create a rapport between the two.

Questions to Ask a Guy You Just Met (more…)

Sizzling Online Dating Tips

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Online dating has become a popular option for singles today, especially in an age of instant technology and busy schedules. Each year more and more singles are turning to the web to enhance their dating life and many are enjoying success. More marriages than ever are occurring between people who met first online. Of course, if you’re interested in finding the love of your life, you need to learn how to best use the services available.

Here is a look at some great internet dating tips that will help you improve your experience on the web when trying to find love.

Tip #1 – Choose a Service That Works for You

One of the most important internet dating tips to remember is to choose a service that works for you. There are so many services available today that it can be tough to figure out which one will meet your needs. There are general services, relationship services, social networking sites, niche dating websites, and more.

Take a look at all the options and consider what you’re really looking for in a date. Do you just want a fun date, are you looking for a specific demographic when it comes to a potential lover, or friend, or are you looking for something serious that results in marriage? Ask yourself these questions and choose a service that will meet the individual needs and desires that you have.    (more…)

Female Flirting Body Language

Friday, December 17th, 2010
Girl body flirting gestures

Female flirting gestures

Detecting female flirting body language can often be a challenging task. Females do send various body languages while talking to men where it becomes difficult for men to perceive what sort of body language or signs they are sending. They send positive, negative and sometimes mixed feelings both consciously and unconsciously and it is up to the men to take the correct interpretation.Extra effort is needed to decode the signals when a female is trying to send to a man. It is very important for the man to be in his natural way to read the signals properly. He should not overact and try to pretend to be someone he is not. It is then that a female goes on to give more proper and true signals through her body language and it is up to the man to catch hold of them.

Flirting body language signals from a woman can range from a simple smile to any amount of increasing attention over the opposite person. This can include touching the hair, murmuring or even an eye-contact.  (more…)

8 Ways to Get Him to Flirt

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010
Getting a man to flirt

Getting a man to flirt

Yesterday, I was flirted with again. 

In the early afternoon, the circuits in my apartment blew. That has never happened before, so I didn’t know how to turn them back on and my landlord wasn’t around. So, while I usually stay chained to my desk from 9-to-whenever, in the hopes of getting as much work done as humanly possible, I had no choice but to spend the rest of the day elsewhere. As I prepared to go out, I dressed for comfort rather than attractiveness — very short black shorts (that probably showed a little back-thigh cellulite though I try not to think about it) and a black T-shirt.

I arrived at my go-to coffee shop only to discover that one of its A/C units was busted, making the place distinctly Inferno-esque. Cranky, I was making my way to another café when I passed a groovy little bakery I’d never paid much attention to before. The place had a few lovely little tables set up — all of them empty. I asked the pink-cheeked young man behind the counter — who couldn’t have been much more than 23 — if it was okay for me to get tea and a sandwich and camp out for a few hours. With a sweep of his arms, he said, “Please! Be my guest.” 


Five Common Family Wedding Dramas and How to Solve Them

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

It’s supposed to be the greatest day of your life, but if family dramas crop up during the planning for your wedding, they can dull your joy. Here’s how to keep your families involved and still retain your happiness. (more…)

Facebook is divorce lawyers’ new best friend

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010


Forgot to de-friend your wife on Facebook while posting vacation shots of your mistress? Her divorce lawyer will be thrilled.

Oversharing on social networks has led to an overabundance of evidence in divorce cases. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says 81 percent of its members have used or faced evidence plucked from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites, including YouTube and LinkedIn, over the last five years.

“Oh, I’ve had some fun ones,” said Linda Lea Viken, president-elect of the 1,600-member group. “It’s very, very common in my new cases.”

Facebook is the unrivaled leader for turning virtual reality into real-life divorce drama, Viken said. Sixty-six percent of the lawyers surveyed cited Facebook foibles as the source of online evidence, she said. MySpace followed with 15 percent, followed by Twitter at 5 percent.

About one in five adults uses Facebook for flirting, according to a 2008 report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. But it’s not just kissy pix with the manstress or mistress that show up as evidence. Think of Dad forcing son to de-friend mom, bolstering her alienation of affection claim against him.

“This sort of evidence has gone from nothing to a large percentage of my cases coming in, and it’s pretty darn easy,” Viken said. “It’s like, ‘Are you kidding me?'”

Neither Viken, in Rapid City, S.D., nor other divorce attorneys would besmirch the attorney-client privilege by revealing the identities of clients, but they spoke in broad terms about some of the goofs they’ve encountered:

— Husband goes on and declares his single, childless status while seeking primary custody of said nonexistent children.

— Husband denies anger management issues but posts on Facebook in his “write something about yourself” section: “If you have the balls to get in my face, I’ll kick your ass into submission.”

— Father seeks custody of the kids, claiming (among other things) that his ex-wife never attends the events of their young ones. Subpoenaed evidence from the gaming site World of Warcraft tracks her there with her boyfriend at the precise time she was supposed to be out with the children. Mom loves Facebook’s Farmville, too, at all the wrong times.

— Mom denies in court that she smokes marijuana but posts partying, pot-smoking photos of herself on Facebook.

The disconnect between real life and online is hardly unique to partners de-coupling in the United States. A DIY divorce site in the United Kingdom, Divorce-Online, reported the word “Facebook” appeared late last year in about one in five of the petitions it was handling. (The company’s caseload now amounts to about 7,000.)

Divorce attorneys Ken and Leslie Matthews, a husband and wife team in Denver, Colo., don’t see quite as many online gems. They estimated 1 in 10 of their cases involves such evidence, compared to a rare case or no cases at all in each of the last three years. Regardless, it’s powerful evidence to plunk down before a judge, they said.

“You’re finding information that you just never get in the normal discovery process — ever,” Leslie Matthews said. “People are just blabbing things all over Facebook. People don’t yet quite connect what they’re saying in their divorce cases is completely different from what they’re saying on Facebook. It doesn’t even occur to them that they’d be found out.”

Social networks are also ripe for divorce-related hate and smear campaigns among battling spousal camps, sometimes spawning legal cases of their own.

“It’s all pretty good evidence,” Viken said. “You can’t really fake a page off of Facebook. The judges don’t really have any problems letting it in.”

The attorneys offer these tips for making sure your out-loud personal life online doesn’t wind up in divorce court:

What you say can and will be held against you
If you plan on lying under oath, don’t load up social networks with evidence to the contrary.

“We tell our clients when they come in, ‘I want to see your Facebook page. I want you to remember that the judge can read that stuff so never write anything you don’t want the judge to hear,'” Viken said.

Beware your frenemies
Going through a divorce is about as emotional as it gets for many couples. The desire to talk trash is great, but so is the pull for friends to take sides.

“They think these people can help get them through it,” said Marlene Eskind Moses, a family law expert in Nashville, Tenn., and current president of the elite academy of divorce attorneys. “It’s the worst possible time to share your feelings online.”

A picture may be worth … big bucks
Grown-ups on a good day should know better than to post boozy, carousing or sexually explicit photos of themselves online, but in the middle of a contentious divorce? Ken Matthews recalls photos of a client’s partially naked estranged wife alongside pictures of their kids on Facebook.

“He was hearing bizarre stories from his kids. Guys around the house all the time. Men running in and out. And there were these pictures,” Matthews said.

Privacy, privacy, privacy
They’re called privacy settings for a reason. Find them. Get to know them. Use them. Keep up when Facebook decides to change them.

Viken tells a familiar story: A client accused her spouse of adultery and he denied it in court. “The guy testified he didn’t have a relationship with this woman. They were just friends. The girlfriend hadn’t put security on her page and there they were. ‘Gee judge, who lied to you?'”

One of our visitors sent us this as a topic to bring to your attention about how social media sites like facebook can have unexpected surprises. :)

Drink plenty of water-and make it cold

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
In a study from Germany, researchers reported that drinking water boosts your body’s calorie burning rate by 30%. Ten minutes after 14 men and women drank just over a pint of water, their metabolism sped up, and within 40 minutes, it reached a peak burning stage that lasted more than one hour. Since the metabolism spike is partly due to the body’s efforts to warm the water you drink, cold water works best.

8 Beauty Sins You Might Be Committing

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

By Woman’s Day You’ve got your daily beauty regimen down to a science: wash, rinse, repeat. Your attention to every pore is immaculate, yet why oh why does it seem that, despite all that pampering, your looks are lacking luster? Unbeknownst to you, a few faux pas may be foiling your grooming routine. Here are eight bad beauty habits and how to break them:

1. Sleeping in Your Makeup

When you forget to wash your face, your skin has the chance to marinate in a day’s worth of debris and oil overnight. “The skin is unable to breathe, regenerate tissue, exfoliate dead surface cells and heal itself,” says skincare expert Pratima Raichur, owner of Pratima Ayurvedic Skin Care Spa.

2. Sleeping on The Same Side of Your Face

We can’t always control where our head hits the pillow, but repeatedly snoozing in the same spot can cause fine lines to become permanently etched, says New York dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf. This is because skin is scrunched up against the pillow over and over again.

3. Cleansing With Water That’s Too Hot

“A temperature that’s scorching causes broken capillaries on the face,” says Raichur. The capillary walls are very thin and elastic, so they are reactive to temperature, she says. To keep skin balanced, always cleanse with lukewarm or tepid water. ON WOMAN’S DAY: More Skincare Advice

4. Rubbing Your Eyes

 “The area around your eyes is the thinnest, most sensitive area of the face,” says Dr. Graf. “It needs to be handled with kid gloves.” The more you rub it, the more it will stretch, she says. Since there are no oil glands there, the skin has very little give. Repeated rubbing or pulling on the lids, especially when putting in contact lenses, can cause skin to slacken and fine lines to form, she says.

5. Wearing Too Much Moisturizer

You may be extra-vigilant about keeping skin supple, but too much of a good thing can have a reverse effect. Excess cream won’t absorb deeply enough into cellular tissue, so skin won’t be able to breathe and pores will clog, says Raichur. Sometimes this can even manifest in dryness.

6. Drinking Through a Straw

Constant puckering can bring on premature wrinkles. Repeated facial expressions, such as pursing your lips, cause fine lines around your mouth to form over time, says Dr. Graf. The solution: Lose the straw and drink directly from the glass, bottle or can.

7. Wearing a Too-Tight Ponytail

The tighter the ponytail, the more prone the hair will be to falling out, says Dr. Graf. Pulling every hair into a taut tuft causes traction alopecia, a form of hair loss that leads to a receding hairline, she says. The good news is the recession isn’t likely to be permanent. ON WOMAN’S DAY: Secrets of Washing Hair

8. Washing Your Face Before Your Hair

If you have sensitive skin, this can be a real no-no, says Dr. Graf. Pores get clogged, leading to breakouts, especially along the hairline. Make sure you thoroughly cleanse away any residue from your face after rinsing your hair, she says. ON WOMAN’S DAY: Keep Hands Looking Young


Monday, October 11th, 2010

This is a very good article. Those who are still single may learn something from… here…
Those who are already married or in a commitment may take it as a guideline to improve your marriage & relationship …


During one of our seminars, a woman asked a common question. She said, “How do I know if I married the right person?”
I noticed that there was a large man sitting next to her so I said, “It depends. Is that your husband?”
In all seriousness, she answered “How do you know?”

Let me answer this question because the chances are good that it’s weighing on your mind.

Here’s the answer.
EVERY relationship has a cycle. In the beginning, you fell in love with your spouse/partner. You anticipated their call, wanted their touch, and liked their idiosyncrasies (unconventional behavior/habit) .

Falling in love with your spouse wasn’t hard. In fact, it was a completely natural and spontaneous experience.
You didn’t have to DO anything. That’s why it’s called “falling” in love… Because it’s happening TO YOU.

People in love sometimes say, “I was swept of my feet.” Think about the imagery of that __expression. It implies that you were just standing there; doing nothing, and then something came along and happened TO YOU.

Falling in love is easy. It’s a passive and spontaneous experience. But after a few years of marriage, the euphoria (excitement) of love fades. It’s the natural cycle of EVERY relationship. Slowly but surely, phone calls become a bother (if they come at all), touch is not always welcome (when it happens), and your spouse’s idiosyncrasies, instead of being cute, drive you nuts.

The symptoms of this stage vary with every relationship, but if you think about your marriage, you will notice a dramatic difference between the initial stage when you were in love and a much duller or even angry subsequent stage.

At this point, you and/or your spouse might start asking, “Did I marry the right person?”
And as you and your spouse reflect on the euphoria of the love you once had, you may begin to desire that experience with someone else.
This is when marriages or relationship breakdown. People blame their spouse/partner for their unhappiness and look outside their marriage/relationship for fulfillment.

Extramarital fulfillment comes in all shapes and sizes. Infidelity is the most obvious.
But sometimes people turn to work, a hobby, excessive TV, or abusive substances.

But the answer to this dilemma does NOT lie outside your marriage. It lies within it.
I’m not saying that you couldn’t fall in love with someone else.
You could.

And TEMPORARILY you’d feel better. But you’d be in the same situation a few years later. Because (listen carefully to this):


SUSTAINING love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. It’ll NEVER just happen to you. You can’t “find” LASTING love. You have to “make” it day in and day out. That’s why we have the __expression “the labor of love.” Because it takes time, effort, and energy. And most importantly, it takes WISDOM. You have to know WHAT TO DO to make your marriage/relationship work. Sure true love can only happen after you’ve fallen out of love. When you begin choosing to love, even if you don’t feel like doing it —- that’s true love. And that’s the foundation of a lasting and strong marriage.

Make no mistake about it. Love is NOT a mystery. There are specific things you can do (with or without your spouse) to succeed with your marriage.

Just as there are physical laws of the universe (such as gravity), there are also laws for relationships.
Just as the right diet and exercise program makes you physically stronger, certain habits in your relationship WILL make your marriage stronger.
It’s a direct cause and effect. If you know and apply the laws, the results are predictable. .. you can “make”love.

Love is indeed a “decision”.. . Not just a feeling. You’ll not just go away with your relationship just because the feeling is gone. In the Bible, love is a command. You make it happen.

Remember this always:

“God determines who walks into your life. It is up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go.”
FW: Ruth Beltran

“Marriage is more than saying I Do. Marriage, like a precious plant, needs constant tending for it to grow, flourish, and bear fruti to last a lifetime, and beyond.”
-David and Evelyn Feliciano

Ring my dress! Saturday 9th October

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Someone said, we should write about fashion. So here is I guess our first fashion news that combines a bit of high tech! A dress developed that doubles as a cellphone using gesture recognition software has been developed by a UK based company.

The dress allows a wearer to insert a SIM card under the label to connect with their usual phone service provider. The phone allows for multiple ring tones.

The company said its gesture recognition software answers a call when the wearer holds a hand up in the traditional pose of using a phone and hangs up when the arm is dropped!!

Forget about the cure for cancer or fighting global warming, we have Dress Com here! I am just spechless

For those interested, the company said the dress is scheduled for release next year.

The actualy website for the fashion company: Click here

Thank you for reading.


صفات المراة عندما يدق قلبها

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

أجمل امرأة هي المرأة التي ترتعد كلمات الحب على شفتيها

المرأة تكره الرجل الغيور وتكره أكثر من لا يغار عليها

إذا أحبت المرأة الرجل لم تذل رجولته ابدآ

في الحب تنسى المرأة كرامتها.. وفي الغيرة تنسى حبها

النار أن تحبك امرأة غيورة .. والجحيم أن تحبها أنت

المرأة لا تولد شريرة .. وإنما تصبح كذلك عندما تغار

المرأة قلعة كبيره إذا سقط قلبها سقطت

قلب المرأة وردة لا يفتحها إلا الحب

أقسى عذاب لامرأة هو أن تخلص لرجل لا تحبه

المرأة التي تفقد حبيبها أحبت فقط

والمرأة التي تحتفظ بحبيبها امرأة أتقنت فن الحب

حياه المرأة ثلاثة عهود؟؟

العهد الأول .. تحلم بالحب

العهد الثاني .. تمارسه

العهد الثالث .. تتلهف عليه

عندما تصبح المرأة في حالة يأس .. فأن قلبها يصبح

كأكرة الباب .. أي أنسان يديرها يمينا وشمالا

مسكينة المرأة .. تشتد حاجتها للحب عندما لا تستحقه

لا شيء يجعل الدنيا ضيقة كامرأة تكرهها

ولا شئ يجعل الدنيا واسعة كامرأة تحبها

لا يفـسد الحـب إلا امرأة مـغرورة

إذا تعطشت المرأة للحب فتحت قلبها لأول طارق

مهما كانت المرأة جاهلة فأنها تعرف عن الحب

أكـثر مما يعرفـه أعلـم العلماء

المـرأة تحب عن طريق الأذن .. والرجل عن طريق العين

هناك طريقتين لقتل المرأة التي تحبك

يا أن تقتلها بصدق .. أو أن تحب غيرها

المرأة كالزهرة لاتتفتح إلا إذا نسقيها حب

حينما تقول المرأة .. أكرهك جدا .. لا اطيق رؤيتك

أود أن أطلق عليك الرصاص ..

اتمنى لقاء الموت ولا لقائك حينما تمقلب شعرها من البغض ..

وتعضعض أضافرها

من الغيض وتتمتم في وجه حبيبها وتقول أشوف العمى ولا أشوفك ..

حينها تكون في حالة حب وليست كراهية

الـقـبـح هـو حـارس المـرأة

جـمال بـدون شـرف .. زهـرة بـدون عـطـر

أن جمال المرأة لا يهمني إذا لم يعش لي وحدي

أن جمال المرأة لا يساوي شيئا إلى جانب سلوكها

الجمال هو العذر الوحيد الذي نغفر بـه للمرأة تفاهتها وحماقتها

المرأة الجميلة تسر العين .. والمرأة الصالحة تسر القلب .. الأولى جوهرة ثمينة .. والثانية كنز عظيم

إذا تحدثت المرأة الجميلة بالتفاهات ننصت إليها كأننا نسمع الحكمة

لتحذر المرأة الجميلة من القبيحة مثل ما يحذر الذكي من الغبي

أرجو ترسلولي ارأكو بصراحة و بدون زعل. اهم شيء الشفافية

للشباب فقط – كيف تعرف اذا البنت بتحبك

Monday, October 4th, 2010

حركات جسد الأنثى1- إذا المرأة حاولت جذب انتباه الرجل, فهذا يعني أنها مهتمة أو معجبة فيه.

2- إذا المرأة جلست موجهة أقدام أرجلها باتجاه الرجل, فهذا يعني أنها تملك مشاعر ناعمة تجاهه.

3- إذا المرأة استمرت باللعب بشعرها أمام الرجل فهذا بالتأكيد يدل على إعجابها به.

4- إذا المرأة اثناء كلامها مع الرجل كانت تلعب بمجوهراتها أو أي اكسسوارات تلبسها. فهذا بالأغلب يدل على انها وافعة بحبه.

5- أذا المراة كانت جالسة مع الرجل على طعام أو شراب أو محادثة, و كانت تنظر باتجاه الرجل بشكل مستمر و ثابت أو تواصلت معه بعينيها لفترة أطول من المعتاد, فهذا بالأكيد يعني الحب.

6- إذا حدق الرجل في المرأة, و ردت عليه بابتسامه, فهذا بعلم لغة الجسد يعني الحب.


أسباب حب البنات للشوكولا

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

وجود مادة الكافيين في الشوكولاته يشكل منشطا للجهاز العصبي ما يعطيه احساسا بالراحة والهدوء.

من المعروف أن النساء والفتيات يعشقن الشوكولا بدرجة كبيرة ويشعرن برغبة ملحة في تناولها بعد كل وجبة على الأقل، وخصوصا بعد وجبة الإفطار للحصول على إحساس فوري بالهدوء والسعادة، ولكن ما هو سر هذا الغرام الكبير بهذه الحلوى؟

أوضح أخصائيو التغذية والسمنة وعلاج الألم، أن سر الإحساس بالابتهاج والراحة النفسية بعد تناول الشوكولا يرجع إلي مادة الكافيين الموجودة فيها التي تعتبر منشطا فعالا للجهاز العصبي وعاملا مهما يخلصه من التعب والإجهاد فيتولد علي الفور إحساس بالراحة والهدوء والسعادة فضلا عن وجود مواد أخرى طبيعية تشبه المركبات الدماغية المسؤولة عن المزاج.

وقال هؤلاء في مجلة “المرأة” المتخصصة إن الشوكولا تحتوي على نسبة من السكر تساعد في رفع مستويات هرمون السيروتونين المنظم لمزاج الإنسان محذرين من أن تناول هذه النوعيات من الحلوى يؤدي إلي إدمانها فيفتقدها الجسم إذا حرم منها ويعاني من الإحساس بالإحباط والكآبة لذا ينصح بتناول قطعة صغيرة منها بشرط أن يتم تناولها ببطء للاستمتاع بمذاقها الطيب أولا، ولمنح مراكز الإحساس بالشبع الموجودة علي طرف اللسان فرصة الاكتفاء بهذا القدر القليل لرفع مستوى هرمون السيروتونبن في المخ.

ومع ذلك فقد أظهرت الدراسات أن الحلوى أو الشوكولا وحدها لا تكفي لرفع الروح المعنوية وتحسين المزاج بل يجب أن يصاحب ذلك ممارسة الرياضة لمدة 30 دقيقة على الأقل يوميا، لأنها تشجع الجسم على إفراز هرمونات طبيعية تخلصه من الإحساس بالألم والتعاسة والتوتر وتعكر المزاج منقول

أجمل ما في المرأة

Friday, October 1st, 2010

المرأة مخلـوق يتمتـع بميـزة الأنوثــة،

وهذا من مميزات جمالها ،
جمال لا نراه ولا نلمسه،
لكن نشعر به من أدقّ تفاصيلها وتصرفاتها،
وغيرها الكثير الذي يدوي صدى مميزاً نستشعره بصمت ليقول:

أنا أنثى بكل معنى الكلمة

المرأة تجذب الرجل بأنوثتها التي يولي لها اهتماماً خاصاً،
لأنها تشعره برجولته،
وكلما زادت أنوثتها،
شعر هو أيضاً برجولته أكثر فأكثر
لذلك نجده يميل للمرأة الأنثى أكثر من المرأة الجميلة أو المرأة المثقفة،

لكنّ هناك خطراً
يهدد تلك الأنوثة عندما تبدأ المرأة بالتمرد عليها، لتنسلخ من حقيقتها وتبدل تاريخها، وكأنها تقول:
«أنا بـ (نيو لوك) رجل»

وتشير الأبحاث إلى أن هناك العديد من الصفات التي تفقد المرأة أنوثتها من دون أن تشعر بها، لكن يلحظها مَن حولها
ويطرحون بداخلهم سؤالاً واحداً

: أين أنوثتك من تلك الصفات؟

1- امرأة لا ترحم ضعيفاً
:طبيعة المرأة هيأتها لتكون بركاناً يتدفق منه حنان ورحمة، لكن عندما يتفجر هذا البركان بحمم من عدم الرحمة والقسوة، خاصة لمن يحتاج فعلاً للمسة عطف أو طيبة، فإن هذه المرأة تودع أنوثتها كما ودعت رحمتها وحنانها.

2 امرأة تتعامل بفتونة وعضلات مفتولة
:عندما تتحول المرأة الرقيقة الناعمة إلى وحش كاسر يتعامل بعدوانية وقوة عضلات، تفقد الجزء الأكبر من أنوثتها، حلماً منها بأن تكون ذلك الرمز للقوة والطغيان، وكأن الرجل ليس إلاّ عضلات، لكن حذار من تلك الموجة العارمة التي ستجرفك إلى شط بعيد عن هويتك الحقيقية، فالمرأة عندما تمثل شخصية الرجل، تكون مخلوقاً أشد عدوانية، فهي تلعب دوراً ليس بدورها.

3 امرأة فظة بلسان قبيح
:مَن يتوقع من ذلك المخلوق البريء الضعيف عند الصمت أن يكشر عن أنيابه إذا تكلم ليصبح قبيح اللسان، وعندها يصعب الربط بين الصورة الداخلية للمرأة الأنثى مع الصورة التي نراها بقناع أنثى مزيف، ونتمنى لو أنها بقيت صامتة إلى الأبد.

4 امرأة سيطر عليها الكره والحقد والغيرة
:بما أن المرأة هي الأم والزوجة والحبيبة، فلا بد أن تكون بئراً لا تنضب من الحب، وإذا ما تصرفت بذلك فإنها تفقد أول أسرار أنوثتها، بكرهها لكل من حولها وحقدها وغيرتها حتى تكره نفسها، وتحول حياتها معهم إلى جحيم من نار الحقد والغيرة وكره لا ينتهي.

5 امرأة تفضل الانتقام على التسامح
:دائماً ما نرى الأنثى متسامحة مضحية، يمكنها أن تغفر وتنسى، لكن عندما تتخلى عن تلك الميزة التي وُهِبت لها، فإنها تصبح متحجرة القلب والعقل وربما أكثر من الرجل، ولهذا نجدها أكثر إيلاماً وعنفاً منه.

6 امرأة يقتلها الغرور:
فرّقي ما بين الثقة بالنفس والغرور، فكثير ما تتداخل المعاني لدينا، فنجد الكثيرات يتمايلن على درب الغرور، وتقول: أنا واثقة من نفسي، فالثقة جميلة ومطلوبة، بل إن الرجل يرغب بالمرأة الواثقة، لكنه أكثر ما يكره امرأة تتفاخر بغرورها باسم الثقة، مما يلغي جمالها الخارجي وتفقد جزءاً كبيراً من أنوثتها، فلا يكاد يرى من حولها إلاّ تلك القبيحة بغرورها

أرجو من الجميع إعطاء رأيه


كلمات لكل انسان عاشق او عاشقة و لكل فلب يملأه الحب

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

حبيبي ..

دعني أوقظ حلمي ..

على ابتسامة عينيك

وأرتشف رحيق شفتيك ..

كل صباح.. مع قهوتي الداكنة ..

لأبدأ يومي الطويل بكلمة .. أحبك ..!


دموعنا هي حصاد همومنا..

فبدموعنا تروي آهات جروحنا..

لتولد الفرحة من رحم الأحزان..

وتحلق في سماء السعاده

فمن دموعنا تزهر الابتسامة…


كثيراً ما فكرت بالابتعاد عنكِ ..

لكن دمعكِ .. كان يقطع علي المحاولة

فعذري لضعفي .. أنكِ تحبني ..


وحملتُ جرحي على أكتافي العذراء

وسرت إليكِ ..

وحُلمي أن أجد الدواء

رحيقاً عذباً ينساب

من شفتيكِ ،،،


يا بسمة في فؤادي..

يا نجمة في سهادي..

يا زهرة حبي وعشقي وودادي..

أهديك عمري ..

وهل يهدى العمرُ إلا لذات الدلالي،،


يخونني النسيان في كل لحظه..

لأني أذكركِ في اللحظه..

ألف مره..

بتمنى تكون عجبتكم
و اتمنى اشوف ردودكم