Egyptian political activists from the 25th  January revolution have published a blacklist with names of Egyptian actors, musicians, and arists, calling on the Egyptian public to boycott their work. This is after these Egyptian artists expressed their support for Mubarak and his government, and made anti-revolutionary comments.

This blacklist includes Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni, who famously called on protestors in Tahrir Square to return to their homes. Hosni later tried to go to Tahrir Square and change his position; however the demonstrators greeted him with boos and forced him to flee. A YouTube video of the distraught singer crying and asking the protestors forgiveness, shot just after he was forced to take flight from Tahrir Square, later appeared on the internet. His apology was not accepted by most Egyptians, who believe he bertrayed all Egyptians with his support for Mubarak!  Many anti-government activists calling for Egyptians to boycott his movies and music.

The blacklist also included well known Egyptian actress Samah Anwar, who during the Tahrir Protests was quoted as saying “if the situation required authorities to use fighter planes and nuclear against them (the protestors), then no time should be wasted in order to save Egypt.

One word .. WOW!!! Is she really an Egyptian???
Egyptian actor Adel Iman is also in the same boat, for this Arab mega-star who has appeared in more than 100 films came out strongly in defense of Mubarak and his regime. Many Egyptians were surprised when Adel Imam, who is an Egyptian acting legend that has starred in many nationalistic and anti-establishment films such as “Al Erhab Wal Kebab” [Terrorism and Kebab], Al-Sefara Fil-Emara [The Embassy in the Building], and Emerat Yacoubian [The Yacoubian Building], came out to defend the now-former Egyptian president. However others were not surprised by this, as Adel Imam is known to be a close friend of Hosni Mubarak and his family.

What is even stranger is that some Egyptian public figures known for being outspoken critics of the regime remained surprisingly silent during the protests, such as Egyptian actors Mahmoud Yassin, Nour El-Sharif, and Yahya al-Fakharany.

However many Egyptians stars took a big risk by offering their support to protestors in Tahrir Square, even attending the demonstrators. For example Egyptian actors: Ahmed Helmi  and Mona Zaki, attended the 25 January “Day of Rage” protests in Tahrir Square.

The following is the list of Egyptian artists, actors, musicians, and artists, who the Egyptian 25 January Revolution activists have called on the Egyptian public to boycott:

Actress: Farida Seif El Nasr

Actor: Tamer Abdul Minam

Actress: Shams El-Barudy

Actress: Abir Sabri

Actress: Nabila Abeed

Actress: Zaina

Actress: Sabreen

Actress: Regina

Actress: Maha Ahmed

Actor: Adel Imam

Actor: Mohamed Subhi

Actor: Talaat Zakaria

Actor: Hassan Youssef

Actress: Ghadda Abdek Rezzaq

Actress: Samah Anwar

Actress: Yusra

Actor: Ahmed Bedier

Actress: Hala Sadqi

Actress: Nehal Anber

Actress: Magda Zaki

Actress: Wafaa Amer

Actor and Egyptian Actors Union Chairman: Ashraf Zaki

Singer: May Kasab

Singer: Hakim

Singer: Amr Mostafa

Singer: Tamer Hosni

Singer: Mohamed Attia

Singer: Ahmed Ezz

Singer: Shada

What do you think? Forgive and forget or kick out of society?


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  1. Yasmeen
    Jul 16, 2011

    Kick out of society if not with the people than the people are not with you.

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