Traditional headache  specialists have started recommending alternative therapies for migraine  sufferers, who often have to soldier through debilitating headaches without much  relief. Pain Relief “There’s clearly a need for better medications  to treat migraines,” said Dr. Roger Cady, director of the Headache Care Center  in Springfield, Mo. Even the best medication we have doesn’t work […]

  أي مشاعر حب مازالو يحملونها لامراه  سابقه الرجال لا يفهمون أي شي مما نتحدث عنه الرجال مرعوبون من النساء وراء عجلة القيادة الرجال ينظروا إلى نساء غيرك  ، هذا لا مفر منه الرجال لن يعترفوا أبداً  بالضياع أثناء القيادة   لينا

Egyptian political activists from the 25th  January revolution have published a blacklist with names of Egyptian actors, musicians, and arists, calling on the Egyptian public to boycott their work. This is after these Egyptian artists expressed their support for Mubarak and his government, and made anti-revolutionary comments. This blacklist includes Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni, who famously called on […]

Any feelings /love they harbor for an ex. Men don’t really understand what women are talking about. Men are terrified when women drive. Men look at other women- it’s inevitable. Men will never admit to being lost while driving.   Feel free o add to the list. 🙂 Lina Lina 🙂

.araboosh أرسلت واحدة من الاعضاء هذا البريد الالكتروني  وقد نشرت إعلانا على !و هي تبحث عن زوج.اعتقد ان هو لذيذ ومجنون في نفس الوقت.أقراءة، وإذا كنت ترغب رد عليه لينا 🙂 ——————————————— أنا زهقت من عمتي و محولاتها للعثور على زوج لي. فأنا قررت أن اشترك في عربوش لاني أني أريد أن أتزوج عاجلاً قبل […]

يسرنا أن نعلن عن مسابقة شهر رمضان الكريم. و سوف تكون المسابقة عبارة عن اسئلة و سوف يتم طرح كل يوم سؤال. مجموع 30 سؤال في شهر رمضان. لانه المسابقة ستكون هناك يومياً على مدى الشهر كله للمشاركة نرجو التسجيل على سننشر مزيد من المعلومات في الاسابيع القادمة عن المسابقة الفائز الاول : iPad […]

Sure, being good-looking and charming will certainly make you more of a catch. But there’s an even more crucial component to attracting others that’s so simple we almost feel weird saying it: Make your date feel good-looking and charming. Do that, and trust us, this person will be back for more. In a day and […]

Many members have wrote to us saying they are having a difficulty thinking of a unique screen name. People looking for love online should pick a screen name that is playful and flirtatious screen , such as “ArabQT” or “imsoweet” .

An interesting debate in Egyptian politics is taking place. It is not about elections. It is about Virginity! The debate is about a new Japanese Hymen’ kit that makes women, a born again virgin. Politicians want to ban it in the country, calling it a “mark of shame”. Many religious scholars  say the product encourages illicit sexual behavious. However, many […]