A few readers have asked us why we don’t have a Questions and Answers which is a column where members send questions for our experts to answer. And our response is what  experts?!

Anyway ..

One particular reader sent us a copy of Questions and Answers from another “Arabic dating” site. I thought it was interesting enough, I have decided to share it with our readers.

The question was from a female member of that site and it was addressed to the site’s relationship “expert”. The question was about a guy that the female member met recently on that site, and he is pushing her to have sex with him. She is asking should she??

The answer by the so called  “expert” on that site, was YES!! Just do it and don’t worry about what others (family, friends) might think!!

Now, there is one thing I am certain of, that so called “expert” has got to be a guy!! Only a guy would say such a thing!! How irresponsible is that expert to tell that woman to have sex and not worry about anything else! What if her family is very conservative and they find out and end up ……… (insert some violent act) ??

Some of these experts are really nothing but some geeky middle-aged guy with a computer. The shame is not on him, but on anyone who actually listens to such advice!!

Now we will never claim to be experts in areas we don’t know anything about!! However, if you still feel compelled to send us serious questions then we will answer them. We thought carefully.. Who is the most unqualified, insensitive clueless male we have on our team, and one name jumped out… Mr Tarboosh!

So Mr Tarboosh will be taking Questions and answering them in his own style. If you should take it seriously, then the shame is on you 🙂

So start sending your questions to Mr Tarboosh.

He can be emailed at MrTarboosh (his screen name on Araboosh). Only Araboosh members can email him (you can sign up for FREE!). Reason its limited to Araboosh members, to limit the number of hate emails he will get!

So do you have a question and you are not afraid of the answer? MrTarboosh is waiting! 🙂

Thank you for reading.


3 Responses to Are you ready to ask our expert … ?

  1. KM
    Jan 11, 2011

    hahaha khalid

  2. Huda
    Jan 11, 2011

    wow… That is crazy… How could an arabic site do something like that. I beleive it as now arabs are supposed to be “westernized”.

  3. Hamada
    Jan 12, 2011

    This is very interesting to read… I cannot imagine how a so called “expert” would make such a recommendation or give such advice. I can picture it as ever site seems to have an expert. If they just stick to a relationship advisor that would be good enough but not claim to be an expert.

    I would like to suggest this if you have the bandwidth to do it, instead of asking an “expert” or advisor, why don’t you offer “ask the oppsite sex” this way a male can ask a female (if you have one on your staff) and female can ask a male (if you have one in your staff). Unless you have Zen working for you then ask for advice… we do not need experts, we just need someone wise to asnwer our question with some common sense and decency.

    Thank you Nahar for keeping your site honest and valid.

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