Greetings all.

Like many of you, I am disappointed with the contents (or lack of) that is added regularly and in spite of the seeming neglect towards this main blog, Araboosh as a site is still exceptionally very active with members joining daily. As a contributing member, I am still involved in a limited capacity in review and writing role.This is due to the constraints of both of time and work.

However, this is not an excuse. I feel personally Araboosh is running on the back of a few dedictaed inviduals (Nicole, Lina and Gharam) most whom have full time jobs/students outside of Araboosh.

But still, this is not an excuse for the site’s limited content. We are looking for more content from our members in the form blogs about: love & relationships, entertainment and of course the political situation in Middle East that no one can ignore.The blogs can be in Arabic,English or French so are the comments.

So we ask all of our members to either join us as blogers or at least as contributers with valid comments. Araboosh by Arabs for Arabs and we hope to hear your opinions.

Feel free to email me on Araboosh. My screen name is Nahar.


Thank you for reading.


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