While I’m not fond of spam, I do understand it’s a job; and in this economy, a job that pays the bills is appreciated.

I get over 100 spam emails a day in my personal inbox. So I consider myself an expert on the subject of spammers! So I have a word of advice to those annoying spammers to help them out in this poor economy:

1. Emailing me the same email 10 times in one day doesn’t make me want to read it!! It take 3 seconds to block and delete all 10 emails. So save your time, It is quicker for me to delete than for you to send!

2. I’m a woman. Which means I have no need to increase penis size, or make erections last longer!! Please market your products to the appropriate demographics. I mean you won’t market driving lessons to a blind man .. would you??

3. EMails that seem to have been sent from my email address don’t make me want to read it. It is creepy! I think I would remember if I sent myself an email about a rich uncle in nigeria who left me millions and all I need is to send him my bank account!

4. If you have to do it, then at least try to be creative and entertaining!! There’s nothing worse than getting spam from “wjdycjiygdk” with a email subject “wdycgkwihf”!! makes me really want to click read it .. NOT!

5. Putting “Re” the subject line “re:” is not going to fool me into thinking that you’re responding to an email I sent you. Come on!

So the bottom line is, if you are going to inconvenience me, please have the courtesy to do it right?


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  1. Sarah Girgis
    Jan 25, 2011

    You are funny!! 🙂

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