Maybe you fall into this category of people deciding to try online dating, either for the first time or once again. I would encourage you to do so if you’re thinking about it, but I also want to offer some advice on how you should set your goal for trying online dating.


First, recognize that February 14th is a rather arbitrary date to set as your goal. Does Valentine’s Day really have that much to do with why you want a relationship? Sure, you’d feel better on that one day if you had someone to date…but wouldn’t you feel better on ALL the days if you had someone to date?

Second, as a part of your goal recognize that this won’t necessarily be easy to find a great relationship. And this is true for most resolutions…we generally don’t resolve to correct the easy problems in our life. So recognize that this will be a challenge. Mentally prepare yourself to put in the time even when you find it frustrating. Of all the advice I could give, to be persistent is the one that I think will have the biggest impact in your online dating success.

So if you’re struggling to meet people in real life…and you’ve tried online dating with low to mixed results…and you want to find a relationship…but aren’t sure how to make work for you… this is your lucky day.

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