It’s the new year and that means there’s no better time than right now to jump online and create (or update) your dating profile so that it stands out. Just like getting ready to go out with your single friends on a Friday night, you need to prepare and put some thought into how you want to present yourself. Don’t rush this process. Think about how you want to make an impact on others.

To help you on your way, here are some practical tips to make a lasting positive impact with your online profile.



1. Choose a good username

Your user name is one of the first things that people will notice online. You can excite someone or turn them off immediately just by what you decide to call yourself (your handle). So avoid choosing a name that is offensive, sleazy, try hard or bland. Instead, use a name that reflects your character and won’t scare people away.

2. Be honest

Honesty is the best policy when creating your online profile. It might seem like you’ll get more interest if you leave things out or stretch the truth about your experiences – but in the end, this will only bring you more problems down the track as you get exposed. Instead – be authentic. Tell people about the real you and when you do meet up and get to know someone you’ll have nothing to hide.

3. Use a recent photo

A key part of your profile is your photo. Like it or not, people will make judgments about you just from what they see. You get 11 times more interest from singles if you use a good photo rather than not using one at all. So pick some recent ones that you feel confident about and present yourself well.

4. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

This might sound like a minor issue but it says a lot about how seriously you take the online dating process. Making spelling mistakes and grammatical errors is a bad look. It suggests you’re rushed about the process, and don’t care so much about how you present yourself to others. Details really matter, so check this over before putting up your profile.

5. Be specific rather than bland

When you’re writing your profile, it can be very tempting to use long lists of generic words and phrases to describe yourself and your experiences. Don’t do this. Instead, get specific about yourself so you can stand out and show how unique you are. For instance, rather than describing yourself as being a ‘wine lover’, you can go into more detail such as ‘you love drinking chilled chardonnay in the summer while watching the sun go down.

6. Get a friend to help

For some people, writing about themselves can be a very challenging task. No problem – it’s time then to enlist the help of a trusted friend to get you up and running. They know you very well, so they can give you ideas about the content of your profile as well as which photos to use and what words and phrases to stay away from. They want the best for you, so listen to their feedback and let them help put the best version of you out there to the online dating world.

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