I have received a few emails regarding what  may seem like an old topic, and one that has been discussed on many other dating sites, but it keeps coming up often.

Many have a tough time selecting a profile header message which appears when someone does a search.

I could not understand at first what the issue is, as I thought it was a simple task.  However, 3 cups of tea later, I realized the task at hand was much more challenging than initally thought and required careful planning!

Passersby will judge your profile based on its header and might just click away if they do not like it!

Hmm.. do you go for the serious or funny or just downright wacky!

So here is a top 10 list, It has the good, the bad and the ugly for those who are too desperate for a header. Use at your own risk, as I will not be responsible  for slaps, gun shots, 4 letter words that might be used against you. You have been warned!

My top 10 Profile headers: 

Drums please.. 

10. Fee free to contact me, all my photos are current!

 9. Free Spirit. (Just got released out of Jail)

 8.  Only men over 6ft need apply!

 7. I believe in Santa Clause, Dragons and Good men!

 6. If you play your cards right, we can play Xbox on my 42″ Plasma TV!

 5. Smart, Yes! Cute, Yes! Nice, Yes! Rich .. Well 3 out of 4 is not bad!

 4. I wonder how many frogs I will need to kiss to meet my prince!

 3. Looking for a guy with IQ bigger than my dress size.

 2. Dating is like sleeping, starts with a sweet dream and ends with an alarm clock!

 1. I am willing to lie about where we met!

 I am curious to hear back thoughts on the subject from people. It is an important subject that is worth national debate! 🙂


8 Responses to An ad without a header is like a knight without a horse! – Friday 19th February

  1. Murad
    Feb 19, 2010

    Headers are very important. Although I am new to online dating (which is another subject) I know the ads with funny header attract me first. Keep in mind when they are scrolling down through hundreds of headers you certainly want to stand out. Therfore you have to be a bit creative. Not putting any effort and expecting to get results is not realistic. I haveseen peope with headers such as: Hello, I am the one, Single Male looking for you etc

    Boring header means: The person is not commited enough to invest a few minutes thinking about a header (not serious), he lacks creativity (boring with all impled meanings!).

    Most of us judge the book by its cover.

    So my advice, think before posting that header.

  2. Dina
    Feb 19, 2010

    funny post! I agree some men have the goofiest and cheesiest headlines. Some humore is ok but some men go overboard and come across immature! But that is men I guess!

  3. Adham
    Feb 19, 2010

    To suggest men are immature because they show a bit of creativity could be construed as arrogant.

    It is alose/lose case. Show creativity and you are immature, be serious and you are boring.

    Women are funny creatures ..

  4. Sam
    Feb 19, 2010

    I think it is very important to have a unique catchy header! Would women click on ad with subject:

    Single Boring Bald Accountant: Seeks Female for marriage. Duties will include cooking, cleaning, ironing, giving birth and accompanying me on office social functions!

    I did not think so. To each his own. If someone wants to be creative let him be. I bet he will get browny points for that and get more hits.

    Here is my ad that I know will get tons of women beating down my door:

    Single Male, old, fat, bald with many disgusting habits seeks Single Female (only optional) with big boobs and owns a liqure store. Send pictures of your house, car, and a copy of bank statment. This could be your lucky day.

  5. Pharoe
    Feb 20, 2010

    The above post is amusing. Men resort to these goofy headers only so they can grab the attention of the women! So it is the women that make us resort to this goofy behaviour. In other words, we have to get down to your level!

    Joking 😉

  6. Lebanese Princess
    Feb 21, 2010

    Sam, I bet you get a lot of women with that line!

    humor and wit is an attractive feature in any man. So YES! Please show some wit in your opening line!

    and DO NOT use SWM ISO SWF !!

    Great blog by the way!

  7. MT
    Feb 22, 2010

    u ppl make complix this. if they dont like ur title they can get lost. i think it is suprfacal to ppl to jadge u by title. it is what in the hart that count!

  8. leila murad
    Feb 23, 2010

    I think that headers do not make a difference,if you can search by stats its much more useful.For example a search on age,nationality,location will give you a bunch of profiles to work through.Lets face it not everyone has the time to conjour up an amazingly creative funny header,although it would make the site more entertaining if more people did.
    Plus some people have very busy lives and for that reason are looking online.

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