The flying iPhone drone

I have been asked to share any relevant hightech news. I am not sure how many follow the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) news – but I am a devoted follower due to the future high tech stuff it reveals every year.

iPhone is the latest must have and there are many applications coming out daily for it. But none comes close to the one showin in CES!

What is it?

iPhone controlled, a four-rotor chopper with 2 cameras that  will allow you to shoot down virtual  alien motherships on your phone (you will see them in your room) on the phone’s screen. Also via the camera, you can spy on next door love!!

How is it related to dating? You use your chopper’s camera to recieve send love messages reagdless of what floor your love is at!! The days of blue tooth messaging are long gone. Now everything is via air!!

I love it!

A very cool gadget! Check it out at:


3 Responses to iPhone+Chopper+Enemies=FUN! – Monday 3rd May

  1. Nicole
    May 03, 2010

    آدم ، مقالك كتير رائع. الآن أنت بتعرف شو بدى هدية لعيد ميلادي 🙂

  2. Khalid
    May 04, 2010

    It looks really cool. I am not into remote chopers but I might buy this one. Thank you for sharing adam.

  3. kamal
    May 04, 2010

    when is your birthday nicole and where can I send your gift to? 😉

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